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NaviCloud Infrastructure as a Service is a beautiful fit for ASOS

At ASOS, great fashion and great software go hand in hand. Now the business has the infrastructure to support its unstoppable success.

With customers in 190 countries, 18.8m unique visitors each month and over 50,000 lines of stock, ASOS is a global online fashion destination. When its ageing infrastructure could no longer deliver the scale or flexibility ASOS demand, the business chose NaviCloud Infrastructure as a Service from NaviSite and telent.

The Challenge

With its previous infrastructure no longer making financial or operational sense, ASOS cast around for a new solution that could keep pace with the company’s remarkable 30% year on year growth.

‘Our existing testing and development infrastructure couldn’t scale to the number of environments we needed’ says Michael Sheehy, Principal Enterprise Architect at ASOS. ‘Developing world-class code is almost as important to ASOS as fashion. We needed a testing, development and pre-production capability that meant we could continue to create innovative new customer experiences like Fashion Finder and Marketplace.’

The Solution

After talking to some of the best-known names in infrastructure, one solution ticked all the right boxes: NaviCloud – the enterprise-grade Infrastructure as a Service (laaS) offer from NaviSite. ‘Some cloud services are built down to a price,’ says James Gill at NaviSite’s UK partner telent. 

‘ASOS were reassured that NaviCloud uses best of breed infrastructure like HP, Cisco and VMware, so they felt confident giving it a mission critical role in their development infrastructure. Of course, the flexibility and cost savings on offer from a service model were important too.’

The Benefits

Michael takes up the story. ‘Initially, we moved our Microsoft TFS development environment across to NaviCloud. The ease of setting up new development environments in the cloud, when compared to the on-premise alternative, was immediately appealing.’ ‘With NaviCloud,’ goes on Michael, ‘a development environment can go live within a day. Previously, that could have taken us two weeks. NaviCloud gives ASOS developers a genuine self-service model; so they can activate a test environment just like turning on a tap.’ As well as enhanced agility and convenience, NaviCloud has improved financial accountability too. ‘We can attach a specific cost to every development environment and project’ says Michael. ‘NaviCloud gives us true end-to-end budget control.’

NaviCloud takes a mission-critical role

ASOS were so impressed with NaviCloud’s performance that the company soon switched two of its most important production systems into the cloud. ‘ASOS Fashion Finder and ASOS Marketplace are rich interactive environments that bring fashion designers, boutiques, buyers, individual sellers, vintage traders and style leaders closer together. They’re also vitally important sources of revenue. We wouldn’t host them on NaviCloud if we weren’t 100% confident it was up to the task’ states Michael.

Next steps

ASOS has already identified areas where NaviCloud can make an even greater contribution. As the business begins to outsource aspects of testing and development, NaviCloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) represents an ideal means to keep multiple generations of code within the same closed environment. Even better, NaviCloud DaaS links seamlessly with the NaviCloud test bed.


"At the start of this journey, we wouldn’t necessarily have thought of choosing NaviCloud, but I’m so happy that we did " says Michael Sheehy. As telent’s James Gill puts it, "they’d reached the point where continually adding to their in-house estate made no sense. However with NaviCloud, ASOS can grow almost infinitely without having to worry about reaching the limits of their infrastructure. telent delivered everything we expected and more" concludes Michael. "They were open and honest, listened to what we wanted and delivered it."

"With NaviCloud, a development environment can go live within a day. Previously, that could have taken us two weeks."

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