Telent's first year graduates and apprentices take part in outward bound event

Telent’s first year Graduates and Apprentices have been putting the Values and Behaviours into practice as part of the Early Careers Programme.

Recently, the group spent a week in Eskdale with the Outward Bound Trust working through a number of outdoor teambuilding activities, such as climbing a waterfall and taking part in an overnight expedition. Each task was centred about Telent’s Values and Behaviours and encouraged the teams to understand how the learnings could have practical applications within Telent.

The week concluded with each team presenting a summary to Peter Moir (MD – Network Services). Many of the teams drew parallels between what they’d learned at Outward Bound and their day-to-day working life, with common themes on the importance of safety, teamwork, and inclusion.

Speaking about the event, Richard Giddings (Graduate and Apprenticeship Manager) said: “Looking back, we didn’t just see Telent’s Values as a written course aim – we lived them. It was great to see every single Value reflected in each team’s learning.

“I’m sure that this will be a week that’s remembered throughout everyone’s career. A massive thank you to all of the colleagues that supported the group throughout the entire week”.

Adu Adu-Amankwa says “We all came here with different skillsets” “We’ve got Isaac who is very confident and wants things done as quickly as possible, whereas someone like me who isn’t as confident is far out the back. Everyone was initially doing things in their own way, so initially we got the tasks done – just not in the most efficient way. We gathered together in the evening, looked at our own strengths and weaknesses and how we can help each other”.

“At the gorge scramble towards the end of the week, I saw a different set of people. I saw people working together, looking after each other. It wasn’t about who gets their first, it was about how we can all get there safely.”

Adam chamberlain says “Over the week my personal goal was to be more confident and voice my opinions more. Through the different challenges I was pushed to open-up and get more involved in team discussions.”

“I was only introduced to the team on Monday. Through the activities we needed to communicate concisely and clearly with other members in order to avoid some real danger. This pushed me to a new level of confidence that I didn’t have at the start of the week”

“this newfound confidence will come back to me during my work next week and will help me to be more vocal and take on a greater responsibility at work”.

Isaac Harris says “When we first arrived, I had no clue what we would learn as a team. I thought it was important to run up everything, jump off everything and go as quickly as possible. By day two I realised the importance of teamwork. We evolved to work more efficiently and get the job done more effectively, it became more enjoyable.”

“I’m very proud to be friends with a great group of people, they know what they are doing and they are going to excel in their careers. Hopefully we’re going to keep in contact.”

“Our instructor got me thinking in a way that I’ve never thought before” says Tom Rymer

“We were asked to write about something that another member of the team did well. Why is it so awkward to write something good about someone when praise should really be the first thing that comes out of your mouth?” “So I’m going to take that on-board. If someone’s doing a good job, tell them, it may be the one thing they want to hear on that day.”

Hamzah Mahmood - “I’ve been able to do things this week that I never dreamed I could do. That’s mainly because of the environment created by my great team over the past week.” “I’ve learned to reach out for help a lot more.”

Billy Robinson - “Towards the end of the week we looked after each other. It became second nature, we knew where someone may struggle and would automatically provide support to overcome obstacles.”

“That’s something that I want to take in to the workplace, getting to know each other as a team means that we are able to function at a much higher level, tackling challenges in a dynamic way.”

Adam Tagari - “Occasionally the paralysis of self doubt steps in the way. Throughout the week I found myself far more able to speak up”

“I’ve learnt to have more faith in my own opinions and share feedback in a constructive way.”

Jaye John “At first I was very sceptical and unsure what to expect. As a person who tends to be more of an observer before putting out my own ideas, it took me a bit of time to come around to the idea of sharing a week with loads of people who I'd never met. However, within the first couple of days it was obvious that everyone's differences and ideas were of value and I felt I could really get involved, which made the week so enjoyable and productive. Overall it's a great learning experience for everyone involved.”

The week concluded with all teams presenting a summary of the week to Peter Moir. It was noted that there are so many parallels between the learning that takes place at Outward Bound and day-to-day working life. Safety is just another example, with the risks of complacency clear to the groups.

Richard Giddings – who plans the annual trip as part of managing Telent’s early careers programmes - was also a member of Team 4 for the week “Looking back, we didn’t just see Telent’s values as a written course aim, we lived them. It was great to see every single value reflected in each group’s learning” “I’m sure that this will be a week that is remembered throughout everyone’s career”. “A massive thank you to the colleagues that supported the teams throughout the entire week”.

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