Traffic Signal Heads

Our 4th generation LED traffic signal introduces a range of new user features. The optical performance of these signals complies with TSRGD and BSEN12368.


Signal modules are sealed to IP65. The aspect modules all have the same low power consumption. This enables monitoring by integral facilities in the host controller for both LV and ELV versions.


The housing is extruded glass reinforced polyester with tough polycarbonate end covers. This design allows economic implementation of single aspect green arrows and regulatory signs, two, three, four and five in line assemblies and side box options. The materials used are strong and robust. They have excellent weather resistance and this has been proven in traffic signalling applications worldwide.

The housing incorporates integral backing board features that accept high reflectivity retro-single reflective tape to provide a single unit solution. Aspect doors are separately removable and retained by blind catch features giving a smooth matt external finish. This lack of external detail and the small size of the assembly minimises the visual impact in the street environment while retaining effective signalling to road users.

Integral features on each door allow primary and secondary hoods to be mounted quickly and securely. Internally the housing includes features to retain tactile unit power supplies and any other ancillary equipment. The head is powered at 8w, the lowest on the market.

Installation and Mounting

The signals can be set up, accurately adjusted, and retained by a proven toothed interlocking end cap with high torque capacity. Fastening is by single point fixing at the top and bottom of the signal. The smaller size and lower weight of these signals alleviates installation difficulties that may be encountered with older bulkier units.


Additional security fastenings may be used to retain the aspect doors and the optical modules if required.


The low power consumption and heat dissipation of these units prevents dirt being baked onto the lens or any thermal degradation. Routine cleaning may be co-ordinated with periodic inspections to minimise intervention on site.

Regulatory Signs

A regulatory sign option is also available using white LED illumination. A single illumination unit can accept various legends to minimise stock requirements.

Green Arrow

An arrow mask is available which clips into the aspect, which can be rotated to provide the required directional alignment.

Technical Capabilities

  • Six year warranty
  • Very low power consumption
  • LV and ELV versions
  • Compatible with controller lamp monitoring
  • Low profile housing
  • Integral high reflectivity backing boards
  • Conforms to EU and UK Directives and standards
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