Site Acquisition, Design & Build for Mobile Network Operators

Telent is an experienced and established provider, building telecom infrastructure for mobile network operators (MNO) and service providers across the UK. The acquisition of the Harlequin Group in late 2021 has significantly enhanced Telent’s resources in the site acquisition and design areas. Now offering an expanded capability for ADB (acquisition, design and build) services, Telent can now offer complete turnkey project solutions to the UK’s MNOs at an expanded scale.

Telent provides a fresh and creative service offering to acquire, design and build sites to support the UK’s MNOs with the deployment of their networks and base station infrastructure. With a strong background in wireless network deployment, Telent’s area of focus has historically been more on the physical build and construction activity. The additional capacity for planning, site acquisition and design that the team at Harlequin bring to Telent creates a powerful and compelling proposition for the UK MNO market. The combined Telent and Harlequin wireless business is ideally placed to support the UK’s mobile networks as they accelerate their transition to 5G technology.

The scale and reach of Telent’s new market offering provides comprehensive planning advice, acquisition, design and build delivered by highly skilled, experienced and responsive teams producing the best outcomes in terms of site selection and delivery and resulting in cost effective, innovative and workable build solutions.

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Telent acquires the Harlequin Group, a specialist technology services company

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