Project Delivery

From trackside communications to the IP station, we undertake work across the entire telecoms infrastructure.

Our projects cover a wide spectrum of activities from installing new speakers on stations to upgrading radio systems on remote lines in Scotland. Our skilled and accredited engineers make us well suited to a wide range of projects.  Our system integration ability drives the success of the overall project works, not just the elements we are responsible for.

Trackside Works

Our trackside telecommunication work supports both train movements and trackside safety and involves provision of project management, design, installation and entry into service works related to all GRIP stages from 3 – 8, including data and telephony circuits. Our work extends from radio mast audits to the installation of level crossing phones and concentrators, as well as fibre and copper network installation.

Station Works

Stations are the interface for the traveling public; working in and around a station is complex and the systems being installed are vital for station information, security and safety. telent is one of the leading project delivery companies for station works in the UK and our Station Information and Security System (SISS) works form a large part of our project work.

Control Room Works

telent’s project teams working on stations and trackside are often installing systems and equipment that have links back to a control room. We are not restricted by where the works are, or what the technology is, due to the multi-skilled nature of our employees.

Building Works

Working behind the scenes for London Underground, we ensure that the services commuters take for granted allows the underground to go about its task of moving millions of people every day.

Why choose telent for Rail?


Round-the-clock support and maintenance with UK wide coverage


Flexible approach from fully managed to stand-alone services


Long-standing expertise in contemporary systems and legacy systems


Targeted planned maintenance to eliminate poor performing assets

Knowledge & education

Considerable investment in training


Constant monitoring of key performance indicators


Constant monitoring of key performance indicators

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