Imagine your business without IT solutions. It would either look unrecognisable, or it wouldn’t exist at all. Yet IT has never been under so much pressure to justify its existence – or its budget.

Today, tight budgets and intense competition are driving IT managers to seek the greatest business impact from solutions. You want solutions in the shortest time for the least financial investment, but with thought for the future.

It may be time to think differently about technology solutions; but finding a partner you can trust, and who has the expertise to crack your toughest challenges, remains as important as ever.

telent has a foundation of over 30 years in infrastructure. We understand today's challenging environments and are always up-to-date with the latest technology. That may be converged infrastructure, software defined data centre, hyper-convergence, cloud, virtualisation, a simple storage and server refresh or even a UC&C solution. At telent we understand your business challenges first and foremost and will help plan and deliver the right solutions for you.

We understand complex technologies and can offer genuinely impartial advice to deliver technology solutions that are right for your business needs.


Converged Infrastructure

Maintaining a complex IT environment can leave you feeling like you’re in knots. And if you’re wasting precious man hours, you can bet you’re also wasting money on power, space and cooling.

Composable Infrastructure

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Synergy – Composable Infrastructure. The ever evolving nature of technology poses the issue of how enterprises can adapt to new platforms whilst continuing to support traditional platforms. The new technology for mobile devices, cloud services, social networks and big data analytics has been labelled the third platform, or the ‘Idea Economy’. To accommodate these changes a two-mode approach is needed: one that allows IT organisations to align the infrastructure around the needs of both traditional and Idea Economy applications.

Hyper - Converged Infrastructure

Streamline your IT infrastructure. Hyper-convergence simplifies IT infrastructure. It gives businesses an ‘all-in-one data centre’ providing tightly integrated compute, storage, networking, and virtualisation resources in an easy to manage and scalable appliance. There are no silos of independent IT components.

Infrastructure Refresh

The pressure is on to be responsive to the needs of your business. We all know we need to stop sweating assets and move IT environments forward to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. An infrastructure refresh can help achieve this.

Software Defined Data Centre

IT organisations are increasingly feeling the pressure to provide an infrastructure that is service-based, responsive and business-enabling. A Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) can deliver these benefits – and telent is simply the best choice for helping you make the most of them:

Infrastructure Virtualisation

Have you embraced virtualisation? There’s no better way to transform the availability, affordability and performance of your IT infrastructure.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Apps for Smart devices

Desk Top Services

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Multi-vendor approach allowing you to couple the best solution with cutting edge technology

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