Moves, Additions & Changes

Most IT departments are under significant pressure to deliver ‘keep the lights on’ service and support for their IT infrastructure. Any moves, additions or changes, however large or small, add significantly to that workload. telent offers a fully project-managed Infrastructure Moves, Additions and Changes Service that removes the workload associated with these activities.

What Moves, Additions and Changes Services deliver.

Every infrastructure move, addition or change requirement looks different – because every infrastructure is different. Each requirement is individually scoped and a comprehensive statement of work is then delivered which summarises the work to be carried out. telent's highly flexible project management approach means we can accommodate even the most complex of projects with minimal disruption.

Moves, Additions or Changes Services are ideal when your IT resource is currently at maximum capacity or you need additional project experience to deliver the required moves, additions and changes.

Our Moves, Additions and Changes Services are offered during normal office hours or out-of-hours to suit your circumstances and needs. Our team works alongside you to deliver a bespoke service to meet your organisation’s operational needs.

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