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Cloud computing offers unprecedented opportunities to save costs, drive innovation and break free from restrictive physical IT architectures. Like any major advance in technology, however, the cloud presents challenges.

Trust telent to help you get maximum business value from the cloud. Whether you’re taking your first steps or transitioning a key aspect of your infrastructure, our experts will make sure you achieve the results you want.

telent offers a choice of Infrastructure as a Service platforms:

RE Cloud

99.9% availability- convenient, reliable cloud


99.999% availability – enterprise class cloud

Whichever approach is right for you and your organisation, and however comprehensively you’re embracing the cloud, you can choose NaviCloud or RE Cloud with absolute confidence.

Backup as a Service and ReliableDRTM

We also offer specific cloud services for Backup as a Service and ReliableDRTM. At RE Cloud, backup is about the recovery. No point in backing up if you can’t recover from every scenario, fast; no point in Disaster Recovery if you don’t know how long it will take, or whether it will work when the worst happens.

Desktop as a Service

In partnership with NaviSite, we deliver cloud-based virtual desktops enable our customers to rapidly provision a desktop to any user on any device, anywhere, all with centralised security and management.

If you’re looking for a safe pair of hands to guide you to the cloud and take proper care of you once you’ve arrived, look no further.

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