Infrastructure Virtualisation

Infrastructure Virtualisation

Have you embraced virtualisation? There’s no better way to transform the availability, affordability and performance of your IT infrastructure.

There are many aspects of infrastructure virtualisation: from straightforward server virtualisation to full IT automation and the creation of a private cloud. In fact, many organisations find that the more they virtualise, the more advantages they enjoy.

Often, a specific issue motivates a business to extend virtualisation. Frequent drivers include integrating a newly-acquired business’s systems with your own, making better use of under-utilised compute power and resource, or simply improving an existing virtual environment.

Solution overview

With a fully virtualised data centre, you can deliver storage, networking and applications where and when they’re needed – and respond faster to the fluctuating demands of your business.

Leveraging best of breed solutions, we’ll help you create a flexible and manageable virtual environment where you can:

  • Run multiple operating systems on a single server, including Windows and Linux
  • Reduce your physical server count, cutting your hardware, HVAC and management costs
  • Ensure business continuity with rapidly-activated virtual failover sites
  • Increase staff productivity, and re-deploy administrators on higher value tasks
  • Maintain enterprise application speed, stability and availability.

The telent value:

We utilise our close relationships with leading vendors on your behalf. In combination with our strategic and technical expertise, this ensures we deliver solutions that fit your business needs and your IT environment – ensuring a rapid time to value.

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