Streamline your IT infrastructure.

Hyper-convergence simplifies IT infrastructure. It gives businesses an ‘all-in-one data centre’ providing tightly integrated compute, storage, networking, and virtualisation resources in an easy to manage and scalable appliance. There are no silos of independent IT components.

Hyper-convergence takes the principles of converged infrastructures further by providing a single management interface that auto-discovers and adds new nodes to the cluster, delivering additional compute and storage resources with the addition of each new module.

For small companies, hyper-convergence represents a simple and affordable way to streamline their respective data centres all at once.

For larger organisations who have mature, virtualised environments, having a hyper-converged infrastructure can help reduce the cost and complexity of storage and data protection.

With 30 years’ experience in IT infrastructure services, telent works with leading partners to enable its customers to transform their data centres and service delivery.

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