Urban Traffic Management

Delivering end-to-end technology services to improve urban transport systems.

The Department for Transport Urban Traffic Management Control Programme has a key objective- to develop a more open approach to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in urban areas. To support this, we provide Urban Traffic Scheme (UTS) solutions to assist the traffic management community in achieving their local and regional goals.

We have developed and integrated major Urban Traffic Control (UTC) solutions, which significantly alleviate traffic congestion and aid better strategic management of the UK road network.

Our customers benefit from telent’s unique ability to provide a winning combination of:

Specialist traffic technology market, product and industry knowledge;

Our strong in-house software and hardware development team work closely with major industry vendors and we participate closely in Highways England specification and type approval programmes, as well as a number of key industry groups. We have also designed and launched our own market leading Optima Traffic Controller.

Market leading system integration capabilities;

We have successfully built complex integrated systems for our customers across a number of our markets. Typically such systems have been built using elements from a wide supplier base which need to be integrated together to produce the overall customer solution. Our success is assured through our industry leading ‘gated’ phased engineering review and governance process, and use of our extensive software development capabilities to produce various ‘overlay’ management systems, for example MICA.

A highly structured approach to programme management;

Our UTC solutions meet extensive requirements and are scaled to address the  needs of today's market. We provide end-to-end technological solutions from design to operation and maintenance. Our services have been developed, honed and proven to tackle and improve wide-ranging issues by streamlining huge volumes of disparate data and disseminating traffic information through single UTMC Platforms.

Customising network designs using interoperable UTMC compliant equipment and linking UTC centres with traffic systems, we have improved coordinated operations between Police, the Highways England and Public Transport operators, significantly reducing congestion and improving the deployment of intelligent transport services.

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