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A vision for digital transformation in the emergency services

Digital innovation in the Blue Light technological landscape and the potential benefits that the ESN could bring

Providers of emergency services in the UK are facing a challenge. For example, the Chief Fire Officer’s Association predicts that over the next four years, emergency fire and rescue services will face - on average - a 22 percent reduction in their budgets.

However, despite having access to fewer financial resources, demand for services continues to rise. The Home Office’s new Emergency Services Network (ESN) has the potential to provide police, fire and rescue, and ambulance with a cheaper, faster and more sophisticated communications system. Utilising the communications network that most enterprises take for granted has not been possible for the UK’s Bluelight services, meaning that tools such as email, mobile applications, GPS mapping, completion of paperwork remotely has not been possible. The ESN has the potential to allow the emergency services to start to harness these tools, and could revolutionise the way the organisations work in the field, leading to leaner, smarter and safer delivery of services to the community.

This paper explores the challenges that the emergency services will face as they transition onto the new network, and the benefits that will be achieved if visionary.

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