Feasibility & Initial Design

Our team of consultants, designers and engineers are some of the best in the Rail industry and cover all facets of work from trackside communications and the IP station to large scale redevelopment projects.

Our work also includes technology selection or development, where we look to new technologies, such as IP cameras, and carry out an assessment of the best technology to meet the demands of the application. The skills required and used vary from project to project depending on your requirements.

We understand that implementing new products and services into an operational railway environment requires a deep understanding of formal testing protocols and a structured approach to system engineering. To this end we have invested in two major integration lab facilities at both our Warwick and East London sites. These facilities are home to all our testing and integration works associated with our projects and service contracts.

As a framework telecoms partner for Network Rail this often means work in the early GRIP Stages. For London Underground this includes supporting them on the consultancy and early development works of the integration between the Crossrail project and London Underground at the London interchange stations.

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