Unified Communications & Collaboration

Collaboration in the digital age

The ability to be available to your colleagues and customers in real time has always been challenging, but vital as your people are the heartbeat of any business.  With the need to differentiate in many challenging markets driving business change, empowering your employees and customers has never been more important. 

Organisations need to provide the solutions their employees need to complete their role, irrespective of location or device. Investing in technology to enable agile working is not uncommon, however enabling your teams to best utilise these technologies is how you create a competitive edge.

Providing choice to how people communicate helps teams work more closely, customers feel more connected and businesses become more efficient. From a traditional telephone conversation to a multi-media virtual meeting, telent's comprehensive portfolio of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions powers businesses to collaborate effectively to help realise true business outcomes.

Businesses need real-time communications

Despite advancements in UCC technologies, the technologies have been grouped and the number of communication mediums in the enterprise continues to grow. Some of these challenges include:

  • Native Traditional voice calls, email and mobile messaging are rarely delivered with complete context
  • Business applications and mobile business applications themselves create multiple channels of context
  • Workstream collaboration applications deliver partially on the vision
  • As applications multiply, they amplify the problem

Employees in the digital enterprise are happy with the ability to be primarily mobile, whilst being able to use their preferred business communications device for a given situation, but increasingly the smart phone is the device of choice. They have access to customer contextual information and an easy‐to‐use real‐time communications interface, leveraging the full power of every business application and the ability to communicate natively and seamlessly.

Consuming services or managing technology

The pace of technology isn’t slowing down, and in some cases, trying to keep up can feel like a losing battle. Cloud has given the ability of organisations to consume services as and when business needs arise. This has enabled businesses to deploy flexible architectures that are commercially attractive and managed by cloud providers removing the pain of disruptive and costly upgrades. However, some organisations prefer capital investments over ‘solutions as a service’ (SaaS) as they can cost more in the longer term. telent's comprehensive portfolio gives organisations a choice  of on-premises or a hybrid of cloud solutions with flexible commercial offerings to meet your business needs.

The integration of business systems is becoming more important within organisations, and the resulting data is being used to drive business decisions, organisations can utilise various cloud models, whether this is public, private or even hybrid. This greater flexibility allows you to choose what is best for which application to ensure maximum uptime. telent works with various global vendors to provide UCC and customer engagement solutions deployed in the way that supports your digitalisation journey.

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