Unified Communications & Collaboration

Social technology is driving the workplace

The ability to view an individual's availability on any device, communicate instantly using voice, video and typed communications within an organisation provides employees with an equally rich business environment i.e. bridges the gap between the two worlds.

Unified Communications ensures that the workforce equipped with these skills can stay on top of all the communication and information that comes their way, enabling your teams to work in the most effective way.

Bridging the gap between the social and business worlds

Organisations who fully leverage the communications skills of their workforce gain a competitive advantage through the provision of modern communications tools that bridge the gap between the social networking and business worlds.

Using the features which they are familiar with from social media, users can view if a colleague is available, launch a simple instant messaging session, escalate to voice/ video and if needed to a multi-media based collaborative team working session. Add to this the ability for the members of your organisation who are mobile or home based to fully participate in collaborative team sessions using their preferred device and the result is a workforce who can function more effectively by fully leveraging their self-developed skills.

Consuming services or managing technology

Our solutions provide you with the freedom to focus your resources on managing your organisation and away from managing technology

Consuming a hosted service provides you with the ability to be more adaptable on how you focus resource on your core business and away from the relentless demand of day to day operational support. This is made possible through the technology that underpins our service being hosted within two secure, UK based data centres. The technology is fully managed and supported by telent’s service delivery team who are experienced and accredited to carry out to industry best practices such as ITIL and PRINCE2.

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