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Intelligent Mobility from Aruba – a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

In today’s mobile world, connecting whenever and wherever you are is no longer a luxury, it’s an expectation. Providing an optimal mobile experience is key to increasing customer experience and satisfaction, and pivotal to increasing productivity.

Businesses are using Aruba to give customers and employees a memorable experience from their smartphones. Rewarding guests with push notifications and location relevant offers and wayfinding. With an integrated wired and wireless access layer portfolio, secure IoT support, and advancements in network management and security solutions, Aruba is ready for your mobile-cloud world.

Aruba wireless Access Points

HPE Aruba network solutions are so intuitive and easy to use, your Wi-Fi will practically run itself. With zero-touch provisioning, built-in security, automated optimisation, and simplified management, running the network will take a fraction of the time it used to.

Aruba 802.11ac wireless access points deliver superb Wi-Fi performance – they can be deployed as controller-managed or controllerless Aruba Instant APs depending on the design, scope and scale of your wireless network. And our newest Wave 2 APs deliver screaming fast 11ac speeds with a HPE Smart Rate multi-gig uplink to boost network performance in high-density environments.

The Cloud first | Mobile first approach

HPE Aruba’s mobile-first approach optimises for the mobile digital workplace. With integrate wired and wireless access layer portfolio, secure IoT support, and advancements in network management and security solutions, HPE Aruba is redy for your mobile-cloud World.

Delivering the best possible experience to the mobile generation

The way we work is changing. With a mobile workforce collaborating in ways that were once not possible businesses need to harness new technology to help move faster than ever before.

Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager

ClearPass solves today’s digital workplace security challenges across any multivendor network by replacing outdated legacy AAA with context-aware policies. It delivers visibility, policy control and workflow automation in one cohesive solution – on any multivendor network. ClearPass also provides:

  • Industry-leading device profiling that’s built-in
  • Integration with third-party IT systems
  • Real-time analytics
  • Secure BYOD

Meridian Mobile App Platform

  • Meridian Mobile App allows you to combine your mobile app with location-based features and vastly improve visitor engagement. Deliver indoor mapping, turn-by-turn directions, venue-specific content, and proximity-based notifications to mobile app users during their visits. Meridian Mobile App allows you to:
  • Manage content in the cloud
  • Make your app location aware
  • Build an app from scratch (if you don’t already have one)
  • Enhance your existing app


Aruba provides strong network security everywhere that users and devices connect.

Policy Management

ClearPass Policy Manager provides secure network access in a world made up of mobile and IoT devices. It features ultra-scalable AAA with RADIUS and uses contextual data based on every user and device to enforce adaptive policies for wireless, wired or VPN access.

Policy Firewall

The stateful Policy Enforcement Firewall provides context-based controls to enforce application-layer security and prioritization. You can enforce network access policies based on user roles, device types, app flows, location, and more.

Intrusion Protection

RFProtectTM software prevents denial-of-service and man-in-the-middle attacks and mitigates over-the-air security threats. You’ll never need to purchase and install separate RF sensors or security appliances if you have an Aruba wireless LAN.

VPN Services

The VPN services in ArubaOSTM include the Virtual Intranet AccessTM (VIA) client, a hybrid IPsec/SSL VPN. By supporting VPNs to third-party systems, your Aruba infrastructure becomes a vital part of any secure, private network deployment.

For over 30 years, we’ve been helping businesses of all sizes build dynamic, cloud-ready and mobile-ready converged infrastructures that scale with their business. Working with HPE Aruba we can help you deliver networks that support your mobile-first, cloud-first business.

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