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Maintaining a complex IT environment can leave you feeling like you’re in knots. And if you’re wasting precious man hours, you can bet you’re also wasting money on power, space and cooling. telent works with EMC VSPEX to provide a complete portfolio of solutions and products that gives you total choice when it comes to deploying your IT Infrastructure. Choose flexible VSPEX Converged Infrastructure and you’re free to select the virtualisation, compute, and networking solutions you want, anchored by EMC’s best in class storage and Data Protection portfolio.

For truly unprecedented simplicity, you can choose EMC’s VSPEX BLUE appliance. It delivers hyper-converged Infrastructure that actually consolidates all your IT requirements into a single, streamlined, easy to use appliance. Whatever your environment, business size, or unique objectives, we can meet them, faster, and more simply than you ever knew possible.

Smart IT managers know that a converged infrastructure means a more responsive and agile IT service. With EMC converged infrastructure you can do this by implementing a more reliable data centre that pools resources across servers, storage and networking, businesses can:

  • Ensure high availability of applications
  • Centralise management and administration
  • Address the needs of dynamic workloads and cloud computing
  • Dramatically reduce TCO
  • Transform into an agile, cloud-ready business

telent is the trusted partner to deliver all these and more. For over 30 years, we’ve been working closely with the world’s leading IT vendors, and now we’re helping organisations build dynamic, cloud-ready converged infrastructures that can scale with the business.

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