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telent are HPE Gold Storage Specialists and are helping clients save money and get to market faster with HPE storage solutions.

Are you ready to go All Flash?

Are you struggling to balance performance and Tier-1 resiliency while meeting new virtualisation, cloud, and ITaaS demands? HPE 3PAR StoreServ delivers fast, affordable storage for the all-flash data centre. It is the only all-flash array in the industry that delivers the performance advantages of a purpose-built, flash-optimised architecture without compromising resiliency, efficiency, or data mobility.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ was created to deliver rapid and automated provisioning, hardware-accelerated deduplication, and flash-optimised performance with sub-1ms latency within a single storage architecture. Combining all-flash capabilities and multi-protocol workload support with a converged management framework, this award-winning, next generation storage platform can grow with you from midrange to enterprise.

To read more about the benefits of all flash arrays click here.

HPE has a storage platform for every requirement – scale up, scale out, virtualise everything, multi-tiered, autonomic, block-based, file-based, thin provisioning, de-duplicated …. and more.


The HPE 3PAR StoreServ provides Tier 1 storage at a midrange price. Thinly provisioned out of the box and with the best suite of tools to manage data, HPE 3PAR is an excellent choice for today’s varied and mixed workloads. For EVA customers, migrate to the 3PAR without a hitch using the fantastic online import tool. Find out more.


The versatile HPE StoreVirtual Storage family includes software-defined storage, dedicated storage appliances and fully hyper-converged virtualisation systems to meet the rapidly changing demands of your business.

StoreVirtual delivers on all fronts —from high availability to ease of management. Scale from VSA to rack or blades as your business grows, or use a combination of federated platforms.


HPE StoreOnce Backup with StoreOnce Catalyst is a single, agile, efficient and secure backup and recovery solution. Reduce costs and keep pace with data growth, confident that your SLAs are securely met and your valuable data is not at risk.

Backup hassles go away with backup to disk. HPE StoreOnce redefines deduplication and makes backups and restores faster, simpler and more reliable.


With HPE StoreEasy Storage you can count on optimised, efficient, secure and highly available storage that simply addresses file and application storage challenges, no matter the size of your business. Straightforward features and new enhancements mean simpler installation and monitoring of utilisation and health status.

See how telent has helped other businesses:

  • We helped 2 broadcasters address massive growth of their virtual environments.
  • We helped a private hospital group consolidate from 4 Data Centres down to 2.
  • We helped an insurer build a robust and flexible test environment to get to production faster with virtualised applications.
  • We helped another media client roll out de-duplicated D2D to reduce RPO and RTO by an order of magnitude

Are you embracing the future or are you stuck in the past?

For a number of years businesses have been faced with many challenges, such as – the need to deliver real time analytics, the enablement of socialised business applications, and delivering products to market at lightning speed. The applications and the underlying infrastructure needed to be highly available and well protected. That is still true but today’s environments require even more – massive scale, elasticity and flexibility.

Can your systems keep up?

With 30 years innovating data storage and backup solutions for every kind of organisation, we can help you design a truly agile, efficient and cost-effective environment that’s right for your today and your tomorrow.

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