EMC Data Protection

EMC Data Protection solutions. Availability, Backup and Archive you can trust

With entire industries harnessing the power of the cloud, everyone should regard data security as a priority for the future. Those who leave protection to chance run the risk of serious disruption and costly downtime.

We understand the burning issues you are facing and only EMC offers the fastest recovery in the virtualised market, reducing VMware backups by 90%. Trust EMC’s Data Protection Suite to offer you the best comprehensive, value-for-money solutions.

EMC offer comprehensive protection and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Industry leading benefits include seamless backup, archiving and swift effective Disaster Recovery that minimizes the impact of costly errors.

EMC Data Protection portfolio

If your backups are overwhelming you, take a look at EMC’s Data Protection portfolio:

  • EMC data protection provides 96-99% backup storage efficiency – using less backup storage yields greater cost savings.
  • EMC offers the fastest recovery in the market for virtualised environments, reducing VMware backups by 90%.
  • EMC Data Domain Protection Storage for Backup & Archive - the only protection storage that consolidates backup, archive and Disaster Recovery on a single platform, while lowering the overall TCO. 

EMC Data Protection Suite – Redefining Data Protection

With EMC Data Protection suite you can simplify the purchase, implementation, and use of EMC backup and archive software while lowering costs and protecting investments. The suite includes EMC Avamar, EMC NetWorker, EMC CloudBoost, EMC Data Domain Boost for Enterprise Applications, EMC SourceOne, EMC Data Protection Advisor, with both an EMC MozyEnterprise cloud option and/or Syncplicity hybrid cloud option for backup.

telent have designed and deployed EMC solutions for some of the world’s largest organisations in over 40 countries helping them improve data protection in highly regulated industries where there are high data volumes or data is at disparate locations.

With 30 years innovating data storage and backup solutions, we work with EMC to help you design a truly agile, efficient and cost-effective environment that’s right for your today and your tomorrow.

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