Real Time Passenger Information

Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) plays a crucial role in the management of metropolitan transport services, keeping the travelling public informed of service availability, journey times and delays and enabling trips to be planned accurately.

As system integrators, we bring the components and software together into one unified platform. The platform enables data to be received, analysed and presented through a range of display mechanisms such as mobile apps, web, SMS and via information points.

As system designers, our engineers develop the key management software and hardware systems and provide ongoing technical operational support and maintenance.

Technical Capabilities

  • System Design – System specification and architecture, system interfaces
  • System Integration – Machine to Machine Interfaces (MMI) based on industry standards (i.e. web services, DATEX, Siri)
  • System Development – Enhancements to the central system, in terms of software adaptors and processing
  • System Deployment – Procurement, supply and installation management
  • Ongoing Technical Support – Network, system and application monitoring and performance
  • System Maintenance – Application resilience, disaster recovery and system updates

Customer References

Midlands Help2Travel - MATTISSE 

Developed by our in-house team of engineers, MATTISSE provides up to the minute real time passenger information in order to benefit those travelling throughout the Midlands. Data collected from a range of information sources (the Police, Highways England and UTC) is analysed and presented online via Help2Travel.

Transport for London - Countdown II

Our engineers provided systems integration during the development of the RTPI system for Transport for London’s London Bus Service, which enables passengers to use the Internet, via their mobile device, to find out when their next bus is predicted to arrive.

We designed, integrated, installed and tested the system, managed the deployment of 2,500 RTPI displays, SMS, web & mobile capabilities and provided network, servers and system management elements. The system provides a 30-minute look ahead window covering 8,000 buses along 1,000 routes via 20,000 stop points. 

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