Optima Remote Monitoring

The telent Remote Monitoring System (RMS) is a web-based, hosted service capable of monitoring the health of traffic signal controllers supplied by any manufacturer. The RMS web page provides access to live controller data including fault reports, lamp data, detector states and integrated remote access to the controller handset port.

The RMS has evolved from a locally installed application to a widely supported web based architecture which is managed and hosted by telent. This architecture allows for mobile working and operational portability, and has been rendered for multiple platform operation.

The RM application has been designed by engineers experienced in managing and maintaining traffic control equipment, monitoring on street controllers using IP communications, via GPRS, 3G or ADSL, utilising the optional embedded RM software within the Optima or the new Optima Remote Monitoring Unit (R.M.U) which is capable of monitoring controllers supplied by any manufacturer.

Technical Capabilities

  • Remote handset access
    • Invoke/configure/instruct the monitored controller using handset commands (Level 2 – Non Safety Critical Commands) via an integrated GUI
    • Interrogate and provide initial diagnosis without the need for a site visit
  • Live data view
    • A near real-time view of signal and detector states along with controller mode
    • Live indication of junction performance
    • Displayed on the standard mapping or on a site drawing up-loaded by the user
  • Operational interface
    • Interactive maps
    • Simple interface to assess and manage the condition of roadside assets
    • Alarm/event information presented at the bottom of the user interface
  • Integral remote monitoring
    • Battery back-up
    • 3g/GPRS/ADSL communications
    • Remote access to handset port
    • Re-use of existing IP comms if available
    • View live signal data
    • View live detector data
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