Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Delivering Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) management, design, installation and maintenance solutions to both the public and private sectors.

We have been chosen by Government organisations including the Police, local authorities and Highways England to provide ANPR consultation, management, design, installation and maintenance solutions for over 15 years.

Customers benefit from working with an industry leading technology services partner who is able to deliver market leading solutions. As one of few vendor independent providers in the Transport sector we work closely with our customers to provide them with the most

We provide full turnkey solutions or integrate specific areas of ANPR expertise into multi-contractor projects. We work confidently as a sole provider or seamlessly in partnerships.

A unique and unrivalled mass surveillance technology, ANPR has multi-uses and many benefits. Capable of reading license plates on vehicles travelling up to 100mph it is a crucial technology for law enforcement. In addition Stored data provides an extensive and trusted resource for intelligence on historical committed crimes. One of many projects, we successfully delivered the largest motorway intelligence gathering contract using High Definition cameras of its kind in the UK.

ANPR technology is also utilised for monitoring traffic congestion, disseminating information and assisting traffic management along our major routes. Our motorway ANPR installations are extensively across Cheshire, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, West Midlands, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Kent, making us a skilled and leading provider in the motorway environment.

ANPR can also deployed in the private sector, operating across many industry facets. We are extending our portfolio by ensuring appropriate solutions are available. Through technological advancement we continue to create powerful, appropriate, accurate systems, decrease costs and retain our market lead.

Technical Capabilities

  • Conformance to Police Back Office Facility (BOF) Standards
  • Highways England and NRTS consortia approvals
  • Installation of hardware and maintenance through to entire turnkey solutions
  • IP/LAN connectivity
  • Liaison with area MACS
  • Civil work
  • On demand support maintenance
  • Bracket design and manufacture
  • Optical fibre and copper cabling
  • Road safety audits
  • Site capability inspection
  • Secure data transmission
  • Site security features
  • Traffic management planning

Customer References

Police Authorities

Most large ANPR systems are Police controlled.  We have numerous ongoing projects with Police Authorities and Government Agencies many of these also include ongoing maintenance contracts.

Our ANPR partners are accredited with Police Back Office Facility (BOF) 2.2 compliance. Therefore, some of our systems are designed to communicate directly from the roadside into BOF 2, cross-referencing the number plates with the Police National Computer and other local and national databases.  Other systems also work with other third party middleware and proprietary existing in-station equipment.

ANPR technology provides the Police with instantaneous information whilst also proving its potential as indigenous to high profile criminal investigations. telent successfully delivered the largest single motorway intelligence gathering contract of its kind in the UK.

Providing ANPR solutions to the Police Authority goes way beyond the technical implications. Our site surveys drive positioning and flexibility of systems. Limited budgets may require alternative positioning in order to reduce costs. System cameras require suitable interfaces for (essential) trouble-free accuracy. Planning regulations and other legislation timescales along with costs associated with dealing with third parties need to be understood, not least to avoid potential hidden costs associated with the health and safety practicalities of installation and maintenance.

We also trialled a number of concept ANPR systems for the Police authorities, including high definition and integrated cameras, 3G and non Highways England wireless communications, which are now being used in new projects.

West Midlands Traffic Control

In June 2011, telent was appointed Project Manager to oversee the West Midlands Urban Traffic Control (UTC) major scheme. A first for the region, this would involve linking up existing UTC centres so they could share information and capabilities.

This groundbreaking, £26.6 million project was conceived to connect various command and control capabilities including incident management systems, video images and traffic data. We also needed to provide every authority with dual SCOOT / MOVA control, enabling them to switch between each, depending on traffic conditions. As each site and authority demanded different specifications, it was essential we worked closely with each client to address their individual requirements.

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