Solution Design

We are one of very few ‘niche’ suppliers of specialist signal and junction design services in the traffic market.

With skilled in-house resources you can benefit from our agile and flexible yet cost effective approach. We offer a range of design services including an ‘overflow’ service incase your resources become over stretched.

We'll take your designs forward, using our experience in the preparation of TR2500 and 12/5 specifications. We can then take this through to onsite supervision, testing and commissioning of the installation(s). Our services don’t stop there; we can complete the project by carrying out onsite operational monitoring and validation of systems. This ensures you have an efficient and above all safe design that meets your requirements and those of the public using it.

We also make extensive use of micro-simulation models to demonstrate the operation of a single junction or a network of improvements for area wide urban strategies, demonstrating at a visual level how a scheme(s) may operate in practice.

Junction Evaluation

Junction evaluations are undertaken using the industry standard programmes Linsig™ and Transyt™.  The evaluation process will confirm the suitability of the scheme for both existing and or future traffic conditions. The suitability of any proposal can be assessed prior to any additional on site work being undertaken.

Drawing and Specification

The scheme drawing is produced using the industry standard packages of AutoCAD™ and KeySIGNALS™, the layout is assessed using AutoTrack™ to confirm that the proposal is driveable and can be accommodated within the proposed land take. Site visits are an essential part of any design and are undertaken to assess the topography and site conditions, photographs are taken for record purposes and to aid the design process.

The controller specification TR2500 is also produced, this will include all methods of control such as MOVA and SCOOT/UTC.

Test and Commissioning

Factory and site expectance test can be undertaken, telent design services team have a wealth of experience in the commissioning of all types of traffic signal installations.

Design and Validation of MOVA and SCOOT

The design and validation of MOVA and SCOOT can also be undertaken. The validation starts with a site visit, this allows the engineer to assess the current site conditions and is an integral part of the design and validation process.

Technical Capabilities

  • Signalised junctions
  • Signalised pedestrian crossings
  • Signalised roundabouts and linked schemes
  • Digitally prepared drawings using AutoCAD, KeySIGNALS and KeyLINES
  • Junction evaluations using TRANSYT, TranEd2 and LINSIG
  • TR2500 and 12/5 Specifications
  • MOVA  / SCOOT control strategies
  • Cycle facilities
  • Bus priority systems
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Variable message signing
  • Remote monitoring and fault management systems
  • Car park control
  • Factory and site acceptance tests
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