Highway Planning

Working in collaboration with UK national transport agencies, including Highways England, their operational partners, local authorities and sub-contractors we've been building on our detailed understanding of the network infrastructure, management systems, policies and related services. With our reputation for a deep understanding of traffic technology, we have been contracted to deploy multi-disciplinary capabilities in support of primary motorway related projects.

Our contributions included services, disaster recovery, migration and upgrades of legacy services for Highways England Broadband Network and a new Regional Control Centre.

Technical Capabilities

  • Planning and design services
  • Project managment
  • Disaster recovery
  • Installation, testing and commissioning
  • Legacy asset managment and maintenance
  • System integration and migration
  • UK wide maintenance

Customer References

Highways England

Contracted in 2003 to manage the provision of new services over the existing Highways England Broadband Network (BN) deployed in seven new Regional Control Centres (RCCs).

West Midlands

Delivery of disaster recovery consultancy services aimed to provide continuity of operational services for the West Midlands RCC in the event of a failure or evacuation of the building.

National Roads Telecommunications Services (NRTS)

Provision of technical support and design services into GeneSYS – the consortium behind the NRTS project.

Migration of operational services

Identifed transmission services and providing technical solutions, designs and project management for migration onto the NRTS IP network and bringing into full operation.

Service conversions and upgrades

Delivering full-service capabilities to convert and upgrade legacy services making optimum use of the new digital network.

Legacy equipment rationalisation/removal

Commissioned for the identification and rationalisation of legacy assets and removal of redundant assets within the Transmission Stations. Benefits include more space, reduced outgoing maintenance, power consumption and cooling requirements and improved monitoring of the assets and environmental alarms.

10GB Fibre qualification

Provision of a total management solution of freeing up fibre, testing and fixing damaged fibres and splices and qualifying the NRTS fibre network for a 10GB DWDM IP upgrade around the motorway network.

I&C works for Alcatel

Contracted for the installation, commissioning and acceptance testing of new services on behalf of AlcatelLucent for the NRTS project.

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