Cyber Security and Compliance

The field of Information Assurance and Cyber Security is changing rapidly and the challenges faced by businesses are mounting considerably.

Couple this together with the fact that the changing threat landscape is also growing rapidly further compounds the issues. It is fast becoming a question of not if a business will be attacked, but when. How a business prepares for and reacts to such an attack will affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical systems and the business impact.

What we can do for you?

We can provide a full range of Information Assurance and Cyber Security Services, and consultancy via our stake in the award winning CNS Group, one of the UK’s leading independent Cyber Security Consultancy and Service providers.

This will enable all those who have a vested interest in the smooth running of our road networks to operate effectively and move forward with confidence in a time of uncertainty and change.

How do we do it?

People, technology and process. By employing some of the sharpest minds, deploying the smartest tools and implementing the most effective services specifically for keeping your assets and data connected and protected.

With expertise that spans governance, risk and compliance (GRC), security assessment, IT security solutions and an extensive breadth of managed security services, CNS’s consultants, systems architects, engineers and project managers are all dedicated experts in Information Assurance and InfoSec.

Technical Capabilities:

  • All service delivery staff are SC cleared
  • Compliance to all major ICT standards (including HMG(OFFICIAL), PCI, CPNI, ISO27001, SEC(SANS) and against baseline / policy
  • Service Delivery across encrypted WAN and PSN
  • Rapid on boarding, reactive and protective technologies into each unique service stack
  • Data analysis for real time threat detection, general threat landscape analysis and trending
  • Incident response capability minimising the impact of incidents
  • Complete UK Sovereignty of service. No data is off-shored
  • Multiple security functions in a single console with customisable reporting
  • Reduced cost of compliance and assurance
  • Improved business continuityand lifecycle compliance monitoring
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