Congestion Management

We believe that every single road user is a customer. Regardless of whether they are travelling by car, bus, coach or lorry they depend on a quality road managment systems designed to ensure free flowing, safe and easy journeys.

Squeezing more capacity out of the road network is a demanding challenge, and we believe technology will form the core of the solution.

Working with traffic management agencies, helping them to meet their responsibilities we deliver a broad range of technological solutions to tackle road congestion, pollution and safety targets. We also assist in the wider issues of sustainable economic growth and derive cost-effective solutions and resources.

We have a comprehensive understanding of road network operational requirements and have developed specialised services which range from defining systems and installing networks, providing 24/7/365 maintenance and fault fixing, and traffic and traveller information services.

We also designed, installed and maintain many new and legacy communications assets and systems to aid traffic management. These range from Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to Variable Message Signs (VMS), Emergency Roadside Telephones (ERT), Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Real-Time Passenger Information systems, to name but a few.

We have developed numerous traffic controllers since launching state-of-the-art Optima iMOVA. Modular in design, the Optima range is deployed for all types of intersections and pedestrian control scenarios. Configured to Highways England specifications, this powerful package provides intersection, Pelican, Puffin and Toucan strategies and is now being deployed across the UK.

Technical Capabilities

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Emergency Roadside Telephones (ERT)
  • Optima iMOVA traffic controllers
  • Real-time passenger information systems
  • Strategic traffic anagement
  • Tolling systems
  • Traffic light equipment
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Customer References

West Midlands Urban Traffic Control (UTC) Major Scheme

We manage West Midlands £26.6m Urban Traffic Control (UTC) scheme improving traffic flow in the metropolitan areas of Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

For the first time we have linked each of the region’s existing UTC centres with the traffic systems operated by the Police Authority, Highways England and public transport operators enabling shared information and command and control capabilities.

The replacement and upgrade carries numerous benefits for local authorities and travellers alike. It's providing the managment platform which collates all of the disparate information, previously only available in local UTC Centres, into the West Midlands ‘Regional Centre of Excellence’ housed at Highways England's Regional Control Centre at Quinton.

By taking a regional rather than a local view, UTC centres can now react more quickly to incidents, traffic hot spots, traffic signals efficiencies and bus network flow leading to significantly reduced journey times.

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