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Summer 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of telent’s Network Services newsletter – designed to keep our customers up to date with our latest activities and developments. This is especially important in the current climate, as the Covid-19 pandemic makes it harder to meet face-to-face.

During this challenging time, I have been humbled by customers in all areas across the telent portfolio, especially those working in healthcare, the emergency services, education and all other sectors with key workers, who have kept the country going during this difficult time. I am proud that telent has been able to play its part in helping to keep many of those organisations running. Throughout the Coronavirus outbreak, we have remained fully operational with our staff working remotely where possible and our key workers wearing appropriate PPE and adhering to safe social distancing practices, to ensure the UK’s critical networks remain connected.

During the crisis, there are several key customers that we have been exceptionally proud to support. Much of this work has enabled our customers to quickly and effectively react to the challenges that Coronavirus presented, such as enabling remote and home working. Some examples included:

  • Increasing support of Scottish Ambulance Service’s Fixed Mobile Radios from 9-5 to 24/7, which helped it rapidly respond to the challenges Covid-19 presented in A&E departments.
  • Supporting Britain’s busiest NHS ambulance trust, the London Ambulance Service, to accelerate the introduction of over 100 additional ambulances with a rapid installation programme for mobile data terminals, along with additional critical communication devices, over a short period of time.

While the Coronavirus pandemic has hit every business hard, we are grateful that we have been able to quickly mobilise and leverage our experience of working in critical national infrastructure in this way. As a result, we have been able to accelerate the design, delivery and maintenance of installations to improve and run organisations’ ICT networks.

On a brighter note, this first edition of our newsletter includes an update on another notable customer, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Authority (MFRA). Having worked collaboratively for 18 years, we manage MFRA’s numerous ICT services, delivering critical communications and enabling the service to focus on its life-saving work. As MFRA’s Head of Technology Ed Franklin commented, the ICT Service Catalogue we provide, along with Key Performance Indicators, provides the Authority with the flexibility to cost-effectively adopt new services as its requirements evolve or new technology solutions become available.

Having been awarded the contract last year to supply the communications and IT infrastructure at Hinkley Point C, the UK’s first new nuclear power station for more than 25 years, we are now near completion of the system designs. Once running, HPC will generate low carbon electricity for around six million homes, create more than 25,000 new employment opportunities and bring lasting social and economic benefits to communities throughout the South West of the United Kingdom.

These contracts make me especially proud of the business because they reflect our focus on services and engineering across our established and long-standing customer base. Within the last year, we have increased this focus on our customers even further, cementing our position as a trusted IT partner for the UK’s critical infrastructure.

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find a mix of other news from our business, including interesting and notable customers, updates on our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, and highlights from recent events, conferences and exhibitions. You can expect to see similar stories in future editions of our newsletter and we hope the content provides you with useful insight into telent and our dedicated employees. This year will be a tough year for many organisations but telent continues to be a strong business that is committed to supporting and serving our customers throughout the good and bad times.

Best Wishes, Peter Moir Managing Director, Network Services 

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