Radio Systems

As specialists of legacy, current and emerging technologies, we’re used to change – it’s what we do. Our comprehensive technical capability means our in-house team of experienced industry accredited engineers can offer solutions for all aspects of radio engineering.

Whether your project requirements involve maintenance, installations or upgrades, we’ll almost certainly have done it before. We’ve worked in, around and on top of some notoriously difficult locations, including the highest mast and RETB station on the rail network, at Glencoe.

Technical Capabilities

  • Cellular systems
  • Trunked systems
    • Private mobile radio (PMR)
    • Digital private mobile radio (dPMR)
    • Digital mobile radio (DMR)
    • Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TeTRA)
  • PtP & PtMP microwave links
  • Millimetric wave
  • WLAN
  • Mobile radio
  • Fixed radio
  • Option development and selection
  • Survey


  • Option development and selection
  • Survey
    • line of sigh
    • coverage (passive & active)


  • Radio planning
    • Cell planning
    • Microwave planning (point to point and point to multipoint)
    • Indoor radio planning and design (e.g. Wi-Fi)
    • LTE planning
  • Radio network integration
    • Utilisation of existing Infrastructure


  • Mast Building, Antenna Installation and Adjustment (tilt and azimuth)
    • REB Installation

Testing and Verification

  • All aspects of field testing
    • Carrier wave testing via backpack or vehicle mounted receiver equipment.
    • Network Performance testing using portable test equipment on passenger trains or special Radio Service Verification test trains


  • Enhancement and optimisation including link testing and network optimisation following field testing.


  • Training
    • Needs analysis
    • Individual operations staff training
    • Train the trainer
  • Decommissioning and disposal
  • Removal of redundant radio systems, e.g. legacy RETB NRN radio systems including towers, equipment, buildings and cabling


  • Ad-hoc
  • Agreed service level
  • Planned and preventative maintenance
  • Safe to climb and latchway certification
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