Network Planning

Whether it’s a completely new network, or an upgrade required to improve coverage and capacity, our network planners have the tools to ensure your network won’t fail you.

telent understand that communication networks, large and country-wide as well as intense and localised, are designed to serve a purpose: commercial objectives, unfailing reliability for emergency communications, or a combination of different tasks.

Our long-term experience in network management ensures we have the expertise to overcome all planning challenges, balancing optimal coverage with cost-effectiveness, in terms of both capital expenditure and operating costs.

Our highly experienced planners have access to all industry standard planning tools including ADTI with appropriate licenses. Frequency agnostic, the tool from ADTI uses underlying terrain and clutter data to 50m resolution and map images to 1:25,000 scale. Aerial and satellite imagery is also included to provide additional map appreciation capabilities. Our rigorous desktop feasibility studies, conducted in several stages, ensure complete coverage, either from scratch, or to meet your pre-defined parameters.

  • Evaluation of existing sites to identify those suitable including hubs and or aggregation points
  • Further analysis to identify the most suitable locations
  • Modelling of proposed site heights
  • Site mapping and coverage plotting, overlaying on map and terrain screenshots from the ICS telecom application
  • Submission of all information in a pre-agreed report

Technical Capabilities

  • Network planning
    • GSM, GSM-R, UMTS and LTE
    • Wi –Fi, W-LAN,
    • Broadcast
    • PMR, DMR
    • Licenced and unlicensed spectrum
    • In building
    • Street coverage
    • Microwave planning
    • Line of sight planning
    • Link analysis
    • Frequency planning
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