Drone Threat Management

The risks have never been greater. The stakes have never been higher. Even a single drone can have a huge impact on reputation and revenue. But it’s a threat that can be managed – quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Developed by telent and DGS, our full spectrum RF technology allows you to detect drone activity, monitor the flight path, identify the drone type, locate the controller and – if you wish – neutralise the threat.

 Unlike most military systems, it doesn’t use radar, so there’s no RF interference. It’s easy to use and accessible for all authorised personnel. And it gives you complete real-time coverage, with a range of 2km.

  • Detect – identify drone activity, size and classification with absolute confidence, at any frequency or height.
  • Track – use a web interface or smartphone-enabled mobile app or web interface to quickly track down the user and inform security forces or the police.
  • Protect – catch the drone operator or use optional neutralising technology to land, return or remove the threat.

It’s ideal for a range of applications including airports, stadia, business HQs, government buildings, utility installations as well as mobile applications such as high- profile events or VIP protection.

Watch our video from a recent customer event at Silverstone Circuit, where we demonstrated the CLEARSKY™ Drone Threat Management solution.

The benefits: at a glance

Simple to install: flexible and unobtrusive, the system can be deployed with minimum fuss and maximum impact.

Cut costs: from disruption to reputation, manpower to man hours, thanks to a highly cost-effective model.

Easy to use: intuitive and accessible for any authorised users – from security teams to flight controllers.

Proven: tried, tested, and already in use by numerous global security forces.


For more information, download the datasheet.

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