Service Providers

Wireless Services

A complete spectrum of engineering services covering 4G, 5G, WiFi, microwave and multiple radio technologies

Antenna and Microwave

Competition throughout the wireless ecosystem fuels constant demand for new and cutting-edge support services that are more reliable, faster and efficient. At the forefront of mobile communications, we have become one of the UK’s leading installers of antenna and microwave systems, delivering wireless services to the multinational mobile network operator market.

Mobile Communications Optimisation

Network optimisation is key in a highly competitive mobile market place. With every network vying for market share the consistent quality of service is a huge sway factor to the end user, it can be the difference in choice between you and your competitor.

Radio Systems

We offer a consultancy-based approach which means you can hand your problem over to us for a complete and fully integrated system. From design and planning to installation and commissioning, we offer off the shelf or bespoke solutions.

Planning & Aquisition

The value of any telecoms network lies in its quality of connection and the reliability of that connection. This is achieved through infrastructure and maintenance but begins with a bedrock of planning, network design and site acquisition.

Network Planning

Whether it’s a completely new network, or an upgrade required to improve coverage and capacity, our network planners have the tools to ensure your network won’t fail you.

Drone Threat Management

Why choose telent for Service Providers?


Flexible approach from fully managed to stand-alone services


Long-standing expertise in contemporary systems and legacy systems

Highly skilled

Skills spanning network domains from access to transport

Multi-vendor approach

Multi-vendor approach allowing you to couple the best equipment with telent’s superior services

Fast deployment

High-volume network rollout in very short time-scales


Ability to manage complex network migration programs without disruption to existing services


Knowledge of wireless technology and products


Round-the-clock support and maintenance with UK-wide coverage

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