Business continuity for both service Providers and Vendors relies on consistent quality of installations. Our Staging and Testing services provide a crucial link in their operations- maximising success rates at final installation stage- accurately and rigorously pre-testing component connections and configurations.

Performed at a telent site by a dedicated team within our Technical Support Centre we deliver on-site multi-vendor equipment; pre- staging, cabinet build, product assembly and testing to customer specific standards, recommendations and procedures. Our ‘golden build’ model is jointly audited to ensure an agreed final engineered storyboard and QA standard can be produced and subsequently used as a framework for Installation Standards and Quality.

Co-located with our warehousing operation, our engineers perform numerous and complex activities. These range from pre-building and testing sub-racks and cabinet assemblies, hot stage testing of equipment and the pre-loading of site and project specific configuration software.

Time and again our expertise in staging and assembly testing reduces installation periods and dramatically minimises on-site equipment failure. This, combined with our high volume rollout capabilities, has helped us secure major contracts with broadband providers including BSkyB, for whom we successfully delivered over 8,000 installations across 2,400 sites.

Technical Capabilities

  • Flexible approach to meet customer requirements
  • High volume capability
  • Multi-vendor equipment within one on-site environment
  • Staging reducing on site time and mitigating on site failures

Customer References

Sky – Local Loop Unbundling

Prior to the turn of the decade, leading entertainment company BSkyB needed to expand their broadband network with a target of reaching 70% of UK households in less than a year.

Our network rollout capabilities including project coordination, UK wide scale and reach and systems integration management helped them to achieve this.

Working in partnership with BSKyB Network Services, supported by our vast state-of-the-art National Distribution Centre, and a multi-skilled field force, we designed an efficient, rapid and risk-free network rollout process for the Local Loop Unbundling Programme (LLU).

We marshalled, integrated, configured and fully tested all the equipment at our Technical Support Centre, reducing the risk of problems at the installation stage and creating a smoother, faster rollout of high-volumes in short timescales.

We installed and commissioned BSkyB Network Services’ ASDL platform, as well as associated equipment into BT exchanges across the country.

BSKyB further commissioned our 24/7/365 maintenance and field operators to service and maintain all access equipment.

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