Service Providers


100GB high performance networking, complex migration programmes, legacy systems - tailored services to strengthen your in-house teams.

The management systems which underpin our Service Provider and Media operations are focussed on managing or monitoring live assets and managing and despatching spare parts and engineers in a manner that improves the availability of your network to your customers.

Our analytical approach to improving systems availability and reliability is typically driven from the assimilation of low level data into management useful analytic reports from one or a combination of our systems.

Network Infrastructure

Our whole life approach seeks to optimise the primary components of costs: the cost of failure, running costs and capital costs through managing the whole life of an asset.

Network Installation and Commissioning

We specialise in implementing cost effective communication maintenance solutions. Through our system design capability, we can monitor, fix and even predict problems through interfacing both legacy and more modern assets with our monitoring systems.

VoltServer Digital Electricity

VoltServer from telent provides an innovative turnkey solution to power street based and remote devices over existing telco infrastructure. This avoids the complexity and delay of providing additional mains power connections, associated civil works and wayleaves.

System X

Providing life-extending services to the System X digital telephone exchange system that continues to be at the heart of most telephone networks. Approximately 30 million lines delivering core voice and data services for companies such as BT, Virgin, KCOM and Vodafone.

Laboratory Services

World-Class Network Modelling, Testing Services and Laboratory Facilities. We have a multi-vendor hardware portfolio stretching across numerous technologies.

Radio Systems

We offer a consultancy-based approach which means you can hand your problem over to us for a complete and fully integrated system. From design and planning to installation and commissioning, we offer off the shelf or bespoke solutions.

Drone Threat Management

Why choose telent for Service Providers?


Flexible approach from fully managed to stand-alone services


Long-standing expertise in contemporary systems and legacy systems

Highly skilled

Skills spanning network domains from access to transport

Multi-vendor approach

Multi-vendor approach allowing you to couple the best equipment with telent’s superior services

Fast deployment

High-volume network rollout in very short time-scales


Ability to manage complex network migration programs without disruption to existing services


Knowledge of wireless technology and products


Round-the-clock support and maintenance with UK-wide coverage

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