Trackside Works

Our trackside work supports both train movements and trackside safety and involves the provision of project management, design, installation and entry into service works related to all GRIP stages from 3 – 8, including data and telephony circuits. Our work extends from radio mast audits to the installation of level crossing phones and concentrators, as well as fibre and copper network installation.

We designed and installed the first GSMR network 10 years ago on the West Coast. With over 12 years experience, we have delivered over 200 operational communications projects, supporting resignalling and re-control projects, for key suppliers such as Siemens, BAM Nuttall and Carillion. We also work directly for Network Rail as a telecoms framework partner, and have undertaken major projects such as Thameslink and Crossrail.

Our comprehensive resources, combined with our wealth of experience on the rail network, make us the supplier of choice, time and again. We offer project management resource, contractor responsible engineers, person in charge of testing, testers in charge as well as design, installation and commissioning engineers.

Technical Capabilities

  • Concentrators
  • Trackside fibre and copper cabling
  • Trackside telephony – SPT, PZT
  • Transmission systems/Networks – FTN, XMP, Nokia and legacy systems
  • Minor civils works (Route, bases)
  • Level crossings – CCTV and PETS
  • Radio Systems – GSM-R, RETB, CSR and Construction Radio
  • Voice recorder
  • Electrical design
  • Immunisation
  • Survey
  • Correlation
  • Project delivery
  • Network Rail standards including FTN
  • Link Up approved
  • PC licence molder
  • Mature health & safety support infrastructure

Customer References

East Midlands Signalling Renewals – Nottingham Station (EMSR Part-3)

Having prepared the GRIP-4 (Approval In Principle) Design in 2010, telent then provided the design, installation, test and commissioning expertise to deliver the telecommunication elements for the final signalling commissioning in Aug 2013. The works included the trunk copper and fibre cables and lineside telephones, public emergency telephone system renewals, uplifts to FTN Alcatel transmission nodes, GSM-R coverage testing, provision and testing of operational comms circuits and cabling lift and shift works (associated station alterations). With respect to the HiPath Concentrators at Trent PSB and EMCC (now EMROC), the work included managing configuration changes to the concentrators and provision of new work stations at EMCC.

Cross Rail West Outer

As part of the Crossrail West Outer project telent were commissioned to undertake the migration of all operational signalling and telecommunication circuits between 12 40ch and 29m 40ch on the Great Western mainline and associated branch lines from Slough PSB to Didcote TVSC. To achieve this telent installed 70km trackside copper and fibre and uplifting the associated FTN infrastructure to accommodate this. The works also involved the migration of the control of the CSR and GSM-R radio systems to new workstations at TVSC. telent are continuing to work closely with Crossrail to deliver the ongoing telecommunications requirements for the line of route.

Network Rail Operating Centres (ROCs)

telent are working with Northgate and Network Rail to design, build, install and test five ROCs for Manchester, York, Rugby, Romford and Basingstoke. The purpose of this project is to provide a modular, future proof voice telecoms solution for the building. This will support the initial requirements for the first incoming signalling schemes, and provide a platform which can be expanded efficiently to accommodate future signalling and integrated control centre migrations to the ROCs. Each ROC will comprise an SPT concentrator capable of being upgraded to handle 48 operator positions catering for approximately 5000 SPTs and an ICC concentrator supporting 45 user workstations. The concentrators are based on Aastra MXOne switches, Dell workstations and CISCO LANs and will be delivered and brought into service during 2014 -2017

Ashford Concentrator Renewal

telent worked closely with Network Rail to renew the telephone concentrator at Ashford Signalling Centre (IECC) which was successfully commissioned in April 2014. The works involved the design installation, testing and commissioning of a concentrator based on the Calltouch Integrated Communication Control System and an Aastra MXOne telephony switch. The concentrator was fed from 13 remote locations and provided for 7 new signallers positions. The new concentrator was supported by a new AEG UPS system and interfaced to the NICE voice recording system which was upgraded to support digital audio interfaces for the project.

West Coast GSM-R and Tx Renewal – Survey and Design

telent worked with Network Rail to survey the West Coast Mainline GSM-R and transmission sites along the route between London Euston and Manchester Piccadilly. The objective was to produce GRIP 4 designs to support the renewal of the West Coast GSM-R base stations and associated transmission network assets. The survey captured details on the Civil structures, power feeds and transmission infrastructure state of the art GPS enabled survey equipment to simplify the production of line of route drawings.

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