With rising energy costs and consideration for carbon efficiencies in the spotlight, our latest projects address the issues of control, energy management and operational flexibility whilst allowing you to achieve significant economies on network control.

Our SCADA expertise enables us to design, build, configure and install traction power control and management systems.  Working with specialist technology partners, we provide software platforms, which can be deployed in multiple control room locations.

Our design teams ensure an incredibly user-friendly interface and fully integrate the system into the control network. Following installation and commissioning, we can also provide a long-term maintenance service.

Electrification across the UK’s rail network would potentially require expensive expansions to the legacy systems without the deployment of telent’s new SCADA control system. The new control system allows Network Rail to reduce the number of control centres, integrate with legacy equipment, all whilst allowing greater flexibility of control during periods of network disruption or failure.

Underground, our SCADA systems are also at work controlling station assets via our station management system, MICA.

Our software and electrical engineering skills, coupled with our proven knowledge of the rail safety environment, legacy systems and operational requirements, provide a solid foundation on which we can provide a design to match your requirement.

Technical Capabilities

  • Large and diverse team of system engineering experts including software development engineers
  • Configuration of OEM systems to interface into the legacy assets in your networks
  • Provision of  long term, whole life asset and obsolescence management services
  • Vendor independent fostering a diverse in-depth technology partnership network
  • SPARK registered system testing and integration laboratories across the UK

Customer References

Network Rail

We are currently working with Network Rail to provide a full national UK control system to replace the current three regional, old technology life expired systems. The same software platform is also now in use on the Paris Metro.

Jubilee Line station and tunnel systems

Dating back to the 1990’s we first designed and implemented SCADA on the Jubilee line extension, connecting lifts, escalators, sumps, pumps and fans using transmission RTUs back to a central management system. We subsequently maintained it, managing obsolescence and technology refreshes swapping out the central management system for our latest MICA product.

Jubilee and Northern Line central control systems

The line control systems is multi-vendor comprising of central management and SCADA equipment from Thales, Siemens and Northgate.

London Underground awarded telent the maintenance contract required the construction of a reference system at our labs in London. We provide ongoing services to manage the testing and upgrade to these systems, as well as the planned and reactive maintenance.

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