Station systems

Prevention is always better than cure, and although when faults occur on station systems we fix them, we prefer to prevent them happening in the first place. We know many faults are preventable so our maintenance services are focused on reducing the number of faults on our maintenance contracts, not just fixing them.

As providers of a fully managed service for business critical assets, we have the capacity to fix faults quickly and effectively. Our commitment to reducing fault levels for our maintenance customers relies on both our determination to target the root causes of failure, as well as using our remote management systems and proactive monitoring of assets to predict failure. We regularly address problems before users are even aware of them. This in turn increases the availability of assets by improving reliability.

Our engineers provide technical consultancy and solutions, being specialists of both legacy and new generation systems. We also specialise in managing obsolete assets and extending their life, providing a variety of solutions where O.E.M. support is no longer viable.

  • Our rail maintenance business provides 24/7/365 incident management and remote management
  • We provide maintenance for 1,000 TOC stations and all London Underground stations
  • Our maintenance teams manage more than 34,000 incidents per year across a range of disciplines
  • We remotely monitor more than 26,000 nodes
  • We are currently managing more than 300,000 rail communications assets across the UK, including 23,000 cameras and 2,200 DVRs – if they were laid end to end they would stretch from Holborn to Buckingham Palace
  • Our support covers a range of systems including PA, SCADA, station and building management systems, CCTV, Track to Train systems, radio, telephony and help points, station displays, IP and networking, control centre management and modern and heritage clocks

Liverpool to Penzance, using any route across London, and taking in the sights of Norwich on the way – a bit of a strange route, even if you love rail travel, however this is one of several journeys you can take where the communications assets are now maintained in some part by telent for the entire journey.
(Rail Engineer, March 2011)

Some assets are state of the art whilst others (such as American Self Wind Clocks) are almost 100 years old.

Technical Capabilities

  • Our Network Operations Centre offers round the clock support
  • Our large team of engineers across the UK enables us to act quickly and provide economies of scale
  • Remote management capability – reducing cost and improving performance
  • Obsolescence management service extends asset life and reduces cost
  • Technical heritage
  • Commitment to reduce reported faults
  • Track record of excellence
  • Manage safety critical systems such as Track to Train CCTV and PA Voice alarms used for emergency evacuation

Customer References

London Underground

Whole Life Communications contract for LUL JNP for the upgrade and maintenance of all station communcations and Track to Train CCTV

TPS contract for LUL BCV and SSL. Management of Communications, Electrical, Mechanical and Fire systems

Train Operating Companies

Retail communications maintenance for a number of train operating companies around the UK covering over 1,000 stations

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