Asset Management

The assets and systems we maintain and support, both in the station and on trains, are critical to the daily running of the London Underground network and the UK rail network.

By managing the whole life of an asset, we can offer significant reductions in total costs. Our whole life approach seeks to optimise the primary components of costs: the cost of failure, running costs and capital costs.

Development of the telent Lifecycle Asset Management model enables informed decisions on whether to refresh, upgrade or continue to maintain an asset.  It is being used by more and more of our customers and is part of our TRAMMS package and takes inputs from asset performance and maintenance activity.

We use the information in two ways:

Whole Life Cost Modelling

We accurately assess operating costs and risks, such as obsolescence, assessing them against the capital expenditure and potential performance benefits of replacement.

When replacement is the best approach we recognise it can be a bit like changing the wheel of your car whilst driving up the M1. We not only optimise the design to produce the best ratio of capital to operating spend, but will develop strategies to optimise replacement cost and minimise any operational impact.

Asset Sustain

The knowledge and experience of our engineers and industry specialists mean we can be trusted to keep things going. By monitoring asset condition, we are able to predict how long they will last and when they might fail. We can repair, reverse engineer, re-manufacture or replace intelligently – with the knowledge of what is available in the market, where we can find it and what is most cost-effective when part of the bigger picture.

Technical Capabilities

  • Engineering expertise, systems and software development, integration and a wealth of industry experience
  • We cost increase asset life through our Obsolescence Management service
  • Asset monitoring enables us to balance asset usage with demand – turning up, down or off, appropriately
  • We use data that indicates increased wear, such as temperature, to undertake proactive change through our Asset Condition Monitoring services
  • The intelligence we gather, combined by our unrivalled experience, enables us to estimate asset life accurately
  • We support all stages of the product cycle – design, install, maintain, sustain and refresh – either as part of a whole life asset management package, or on a consultancy basis
  • 24/7/365 technical centre enabling remote fixing and effective up-front diagnosis

Customer References

Tube Lines

Our Whole Life Approach was born out of an initial contract awarded by Transport for London in February 2005. The contract was for the design, installation and ongoing asset management of all station communication and control systems on 100 London Underground stations. In this contract, which runs until 2020, we have taken on full responsibility for the assets, meaning replacement and performance failures are at our cost. This new level of responsibility has brought about many changes to the way we deploy our services, including:

  • System design
  • Staff training and task assignment
  • Engineering call centre service desk
  • Remote Asset monitoring
  • Fault analysis
  • Reliability based performance analysis
  • Spares logistics
  • Obsolescence management and asset life extension

Northern Line Track to Train CCTV

We have recently signed a contract with Alstom to guarantee the performance and life of the 15 year old Northern Line Track to Train systems for a further 15 years.

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