We extend the life of obsolete assets and systems, providing significant financial benefits.

Replacing obsolete systems can be expensive and difficult, often introducing new operational and performance risks. Besides, why replace something that’s working perfectly well for you? We provide obsolescence management services for assets, systems and software when there is no longer any support available from the original equipment manufacturer.

Our proven history in the rail sector has enabled us to witness first-hand the development and evolution of a vast number of different systems, to such an extent that we actually know them inside out. That knowledge, combined with our development engineering expertise means we can repair, reverse engineer, re-design, re-manufacture and integrate with more modern systems, removing the need for expensive upgrades.

We have our own workshop where items are brought back to working life by our engineers, who will carry out repairs right down to component level. We’ll manage stock levels of components and keep watch on the market for those already obsolete. When a component cannot be repaired, it’s often cost effective to re-design and remanufacture that element and, with over 150 design engineers, we have plenty of expertise in this.

Technical Capabilities

The Process

  • Design and component audit
  • Robust business mechanics including regular assessment of key failure modes, failure rates and component stock levels
  • Traffic light system enabling you to view the status of your components easily

Equipment Repair

  • Our high calibre technicians are able to repair right down to component level
  • We have our own workshop, where we repair components no longer supported by the OEM
  • Systems and processes to manage component stock levels and monitor market supply
  • Strong network of specialist partners and suppliers

Design Support

  • Design engineering team to reverse engineer / re-design / re-manufacture key components
  • Specify alternative components where necessary

Customer References

Northern Line Track to Train System

We’re confident enough to have guaranteed the availability and performance of the Northern Line Track to Train system until it reaches its 30th birthday

Jubilee Line PA

We’ll be keeping the Jubilee Line PA system operational until at least 2018, negating the need for an expensive refresh.

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