Digital Evidence Management

In recent years there has been a huge increase in public, business and personal CCTV use. This combined with the mass adoption of smartphones, dash cams, growth of social media and the adoption of body worn cameras by frontline officers presents both opportunity and challenge for UK police forces. These broad ranging sources of digital evidence, photographs, images and video offer better investigative opportunities for law enforcement.

However, the challenge this proliferation of digital evidence presents is how to manage and share these huge volumes of data in an efficient and secure manner? This is set against the context of significant budget cuts, legacy IT systems and the increasing demands for frontline policing.

Working with UK based specialist policing software application provider Innaxys and in consultation with UK police forces, telent have brought together a digital evidence management solution that has been designed specifically for the needs of UK police forces. The solution is available as a managed service from telent and provides functionality to securely collect, store, analyse, manage and share digital evidence. The solution provides 100% UK sovereignty of the storage of digital evidence with all data encrypted and held securely on telent’s PSN accredited and UK-based cloud platform.




For more information, download the datasheet.

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