Automated Personnel Location Systems

From the control centre, deciding which personnel to send to which location relies on having accurate knowledge of their precise location to begin with. Our Automated Personnel Location System (APLS) can locate your field personnel to within just a few feet.

Using readily available communications equipment in combination with wireless networks, our APLS system enables command and control centre staff to view the locations of colleagues out in the field via a live map. The efficiency this system brings to the control centre facilitates rapid decision-making when responding to a time-critical situation.

Beyond emergencies, the system has applications in any field-based service with central control, such as logistics or public facilities maintenance.

Technical Capabilities

  • In-house engineering teams specialising in design and system integration
  • 24/7/356 hour technical support
  • APLS can be integrated with your existing Command and Control system
  • telent’s Command and Control systems dovetail neatly with APLS

Customer References

Metropolitan Police

In partnership with Frequentis, we are implementing APLS for one of Europe’s largest police services, the Metropolitan Police. The system uses police officers’ radios, combined with a comprehensive wireless network, to provide visibility of officers’ whereabouts – priceless when an officer requires urgent assistance but is unable to direct support to their location.

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