Public Safety


Our market experience spans the design and build to the day-to-day operation and maintenance of emergency service networks.

The management systems which underpin our operations are focussed on service improvements to your networks and operations.

Our analytical approach to improving systems availability and reliability is typically driven from the assimilation of low level data into useful management analytic reports from one or a combination of our systems.

Our products are designed to make your operational life easier giving you easy access to data, to help understand and  meet your customer needs in a way that does not require you to be an expert. We are continually developing our products  and are now embracing social media and web-chat communications into our solutions and making it all accessible over a range of devices spanning personal mobility solutions, office based and control room solutions as well as in-vehicle data communication terminals.

Digital Evidence Management

In recent years there has been a huge increase in public, business and personal CCTV use. This combined with the mass adoption of smartphones, dash cams, growth of social media and the adoption of body worn cameras by frontline officers presents both opportunity and challenge for UK police forces.

Command and Control

Routinely responding to thousands of 999 calls daily our Public Safety customers provide a dedicated, high standard, fast response service to meet the safety needs of the public.

Remote Monitoring

As communications and system design specialists, we are able to interface both legacy assets and modern ICT infrastructures with our state of the art monitoring systems. This enables us to implement communication solutions cost effectively and support them with our monitoring, management and maintenance services.

Station End

From the second a 999 call is made to a Fire and Rescue Service, the technology infrastructure becomes critical in alerting crews and enabling efficient, effective response. We are the Partner of choice for Station End dedicated computer solutions.

Automated Personnel Location Systems

When every second counts, a few feet can make a real difference.

Why choose telent for Public Safety?


Unique understanding of the specific safety and operational requirements of the public sector


Long-standing expertise in contemporary systems and legacy systems


Fully-managed service approach that will ultimately drive down cost, but never quality


Security-cleared and appropriately accredited engineers providing round-the-clock support

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