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The NHS is an organisation built on trust. To continue to guard the personal data of its patients, while supporting its own data needs and meeting the ever-changing nature of technology, it needs to consistently transform and innovate. 

With smart computing and data sharing having the ability to make patient and doctor experiences more effective and efficient, transitioning from traditional IT methods to a hybrid IT approach can meet the NHS’ digital ambitions while also withstanding potentially catastrophic cyber-attacks and meeting strict regulations.

Hybrid IT can enable new opportunities for the NHS, to not only understand it’s patients better but also improve its own operations. The NHS can now migrate all non-essential workloads into the cloud, to deploy essential works much faster and deploy scalable teams at short notice.

telent has played a crucial part is establishing many of the UK and Ireland’s largest and most mission-critical operating environments. We work with the leading technology vendors in the world, have a strong track record in working in sensitive, reactive environments and have a superior understanding of the complexities of network reliant organisations. 

Why Choose telent?

Pre-sales support. From technicalities to suiting the specialist needs of the NHS, we ensure that the solution is 100% catered to the specifications and requirements. We can also advise on both legacy and emerging technologies, to ensure that any solution will not only work in harmony with the NHS existing systems but also offer a clear roadmap for the future.

Driver of Innovation. There is no need to outsource the management, maintenance and storage of patient data to cloud services though data centres. telent can provide a complete end-to-end approach to your entire infrastructure in the transition from traditional IT to the cloud.

End-to-end solution. Our industry accredited engineers cover the UK and Ireland, ensuring your communications infrastructure runs efficiently – around-the-clock, every day of the year.

Assured quality. We have invested in building relationships with some of the leading network and technology vendors in the industry. You can be certain that we will design and create a solution based on the very best and latest technology.

Always-On. With data accessible in the cloud, care can be delivered in any location, with the option for doctors, nurses and healthcare executives to download patient information from any device.

Overcome capacity demands. To improve coverage and capacity to meet commercial objectives, our network planners have the tools to ensure that your network won’t fail you. Our long-term experience in network management can help you increase your capacity, plan for it and identify any failings to ensure a fast and frictionless operation. 

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