COVID-19 Risk Assessment Statement

Telent has monitored and responded to the risks that COVID-19 poses in the workplace since it was declared a public health emergency by the World Health Organisation at the end of January 2020.

Our business units have been responding effectively to the rapidly changing situation and have continued to provide essential services throughout the lockdown period in compliance with the safety guidelines issued by the UK Government and Public Health England. In doing so, we have carried out multiple task-specific and site-specific risk assessments.

The key measures that we have adopted to minimise COVID-19 risk, are as follows:

  • We have asked all office based staff to work from home unless it is essential for their role that they attend an office location. Several of our offices are currently closed. Safety guidelines have been applied in our offices that remain open, including precautions for visitors and staff, enhanced cleaning, and additional hand hygiene facilities. We are preparing to return more of our people to an office environment in a controlled and phased way, but before we do so, we are ensuring that each site has effective controls in place.
  • We have reviewed and updated task risk assessments and method statements to include COVID-19 risk controls. Where safe to do so, we have changed tasks so that they can be carried out by one person. If this is not possible, working arrangements have been altered so that workers can observe the 2 metre social distancing measure wherever possible. Where it has not been possible to do this, we have introduced additional measures in line with the hierarchy of risk controls and in consideration of all relevant UK Government, Public Health England and industry guidelines.
  • Regular briefings and consultation have been and will continue to be carried out with our people to ensure they are comfortable and confident in the additional controls and changes to working practices.
  • In line with the latest UK Government guidelines, we regularly remind our people to practise high standards of hand and respiratory hygiene and provide suitable welfare and hand hygiene facilities both on site and in the field.
  • Our people are encouraged to promptly report any symptoms of COVID-19 to their line manager so that we can quickly take appropriate action, both through regular staff communications and, where appropriate, pre-start checks.
  • We have arrangements in place to allow us to regularly monitor, review and respond to changes so that we update our arrangements promptly when necessary.

We continually review and update risk assessments in line with latest Government guidelines and in consultation with our workforce.

If you would like to request a copy of any of our risk assessments, please contact and insert “COVID-19 Risk Assessment” in the subject line.

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