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Unified Communications Data Sheet

telent is a communication infrastructure partner of choice. Its engineering teams manage a wide range of legacy telephony systems and provide customers with support as they transition to more sophistiacated communication platforms.

telent partners with its customers to offer a range of services to maintain, manage and transform telecoms systems because it understands that maintaining reliable communications infrastructure cost effectively is essential. As organisational requirements evolve, telent is on hand to provide unified communication and collaboration capability; designing, installing and integrating the latest technology solutions. These solutions can either interact with existing telecoms infrastructure or provide a complete technology refresh, both approaches offer intuitive collaboration tools to support enhanced customer interaction, dynamic project teams and location-independent working.


About Unified Communications & Collaboration

telent understands that its customers have invested in their telephone networks and need to maximise these systems’ working life. So telent provides comprehensive maintenance and support through its nationwide network of accredited engineers. If manufacturer support has been withdrawn, telent can maintain systems on a best endeavours basis, managing mission-critical infrastructure, as required.

As customers seek to make necessary upgrades, improvements or replace entire telephony systems - telent’s team of experts work with them to identify suitable solutions and arrange the design, installation and integration of additional functionality, as well as providing ongoing support. telent’s engineers can orchestrate a hybrid of legacy and new systems as upgrades are made to different elements of the infrastructure. This innovative approach provides customers with a cost-effective way to offer increased functionality without overhauling infrastructure. telent provides platforms to support both voice and video conference calls and offers desktop sharing for a full online meeting experience. 




  • Proactive maintenance – telent engineers regularly visit customer sites to undertake preventative maintenance, minimising the risk of equipment service failures
  • Prioritised response – telent operates a UK based Service Desk with a single point of contact for each customer, allowing customers to record incidents as they occur. Responses are prioritised in line with defined Service Level Agreements
  • Expertise – telent works with its customers to understand their business requirements and challenges, then designs, installs and integrates its enhanced solution within budget to provide staff with maximum features and functionality
  • Managed service – telent provides a complete managed service with the option to acquire existing assets and infrastructure, providing these back as a pay-per-use system. telent continually updates the system to meet the changing needs of the organisation
  • Convenience – telent’s solutions integrate with Microsoft Office, Lync and Skype for maximum convenience, with audio and web collaboration options as standard
  • Replacement systems – where required, a complete technology refresh can be provided, with telent managing a seamless migration between old and new systems
  • Hybrid solutions – telent’s engineers develop hybrid systems that provide new functionality using a mixture of new and old network infrastructure where there is a need for cost-effective modernisation
  • Unified communications – modern dynamic organisations need more than just voice communications. telent provides voice and video conference calls and offers a desktop sharing solution for a full online meeting experience




  • Partner – telent works in partnership with customers, providing long-term support and maintenance to legacy telephony systems
  • Risk management – telent’s highly trained engineers have the expertise to maintain legacy systems and, where applicable, advise customers as they look to modernise key elements of their infrastructure. This helps to minimise risk over time
  • A flexible approach to modernisation – by acquiring customer’s legacy telephony infrastructure and providing a managed service, customers can keep legacy systems whilst enjoying the benefits associated with an OPEX based solution. This enables customers to concentrate on their core business whilst telent maintains, manages and modernises the telephony communications infrastructure
  • Device and location flexibility – users can connect from any location with access to the corporate network or internet from any device, including smart phones, tablets and desk phones, enabling effective team working across multiple sites without the need to travel
  • Increased staff efficiency – the suite of collaboration tools that telent offers can significantly increase staff efficiency while decreasing travel costs. This is achieved by offering intuitive voice and video conference calls and utilising a desktop sharing solution to provide improved collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders
  • Disaster recovery readiness – The flexible work location and wide choice of user devices with telent’s Unified Communications and Collaboration means users can continue to operate, even in disaster recovery scenarios




telent works in partnership with both enterprise and public sector organisations to maintain, manage and transform their telephony systems. It provides thorough and affordable maintenance services for both current and legacy technology. As an organisations’ communication needs evolve, telent can provide help and advice in order to meet these requirements whilst minimising the need for additional capital investment. telent’s highly skilled engineers are experienced at building hybrid legacy-new systems, which allow increased functionality to be provided in a cost-effective manner. telent helps customers to collaborate using its platform which supports voice and video conference calls, as well as desktop sharing for a full online meeting experience. This helps companies save money and improve staff efficiency.


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