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Effective programme management will be essential to ensure a seamless transition from the TETRA radio communications network onto the ESN. This is why telent has developed its Transition service to provide support to Blue Light organisations throughout this process. 

Resources in Blue Light organisations are already stretched. Transitioning from the TETRA radio communications network onto the Emergency Services Network (ESN) will add further demands on these limited resources. To support this activity, telent
has developed its Transition service which can lighten the load by offering programme management support. This will allow emergency service organisations to focus on their core objective of serving the public, whilst telent leverages its extensive programme management expertise. The Transition service will streamline the migration process, help ensure government targets are met and keep expenditures to a minimum. 


About Transition

telent offers its Transition programme management service because it recognises the pressure that emergency service organisations will be under as they move from TETRA to ESN. Across the UK, it is predicted* that around 300,000 users will require new radio devices, 45,000 vehicles and 115 aircraft will need to be fitted with new equipment, and some 230 control rooms will have to be upgraded.

This falls outside of the core government contracts and will need to be organised on a ‘per force’ basis. telent understands that resourcing the transition using internal staff will be challenging, so it is offering an overarching programme management service which means that emergency services can concentrate on protecting the public.

telent has a proven track record. Its engineers helped Blue Light services successfully move from a legacy to a digital network in the 1990s and it is already helping emergency services prepare for the transition on to the ESN. It will leverage the advanced technical knowledge that it has built up to ensure emergency service organisations understand what needs to be done, undertake the work packages in the right order, and coordinate all activities effectively. This will ensure the transition occurs in line with local and government timescales and on budget.

* ReadyForESN http://bit.ly/2g39iN8 


Product features

telent offers customers an overarching programme management service to enable a smooth transition from TETRA radio onto the ESN. It will do this by providing support to Blue Light organisations as they take responsibility for the contracts that need to be organised on a ‘per force’ basis. These include:

  1. Mobility – Blue Light organisations need to undertake a procurement process to purchase 4G LTE handsets, supporting accessories and ongoing device maintenance. Existing TETRA handsets need to be decommissioned
  2. Vehicle Connectivity Services – fleet vehicles will require TETRA communication equipment to be removed and new 4G LTE connectivity equipment to be tested, procured, installed and then maintained
  3. Coverage - emergency services need to ensure that network quality is monitored; including understanding coverage ‘blackspots’, capacity (bandwidth), latency (delay), packet loss and reliability
  4. Control Rooms - all control room software applications which allow operators to despatch the right personnel and communicate with field staff and the public need to be capable of working across the 4G LTE ESN network. This system needs to be stable and capable of dealing with high call volumes
  5. Service interoperability – telent liaises with nearby geographical services and can engage with the ESN General Transition Manager to ensure compatibility 


Benefits of telent’s service

  • Requirement knowledge – telent’s engineers supported the emergency services as they moved from an analogue to a digital communications network in the 1990’s and it is already helping organisations prepare for the transition on to the ESN. This means that telent’s programme managers understand what needs to be done to ensure a successful move onto the ESN
  • A joined up solution – the transition onto the ESN will require the commissioning of a number of different products and services. telent will manage all of these to provide a single joined up solution. The entire programme can be managed by telent, so that the move onto the ESN does not become a distraction for Blue Light organisations from their core objective of serving the public
  • A single point of contact – having a single company managing the entire transition programme will make managing the move onto ESN more efficient as it will require less internal resource involvement and simplify the process, as it will be clear who to talk to if questions arise
  • A safe pair of hands – telent’s engineers and programme managers deliver their services to many of the UK and Ireland’s largest and most ‘mission critical’ technology and network services. Managing the transition onto the ESN will sit firmly within telent’s core competencies
  • Resource requirement – the transition onto the ESN network will require a steep increase in resource requirements, but only for a relatively short period of time. Rather than having to recruit and train staff specifically for the task, telent’s programme managers can fulfil this need, which will save time and money 



telent provides its Transition service to help emergency service institutions manage the entire ESN programme. There are an immense number of different elements that Blue Light organisations need to manage and coordinate as they migrate from the TETRA radio network onto the ESN to safeguard both staff and the general public, whilst ensuring that wider internal and government targets, budgets and objectives are met. The Transition programme management service provides a convenient and cost effective way to ensure a smooth migration onto the ESN. 


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