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Mobility Data Sheet

In order to access the ESN 4G LTE network, TETRA radios need to be replaced with new mobile devices. telent’s Mobility service includes sourcing, maintenance and through life management of mobile devices, providing ‘officer ready’ technology at competitive prices to Blue Light organisations. 

The government expects all emergency services to be using the Emergency Services Network (ESN) by December 2019. This means all Blue Light organisations will need to replace their entire TETRA radio asset base over this time period. To support the transition onto the ESN, telent offers its Mobility service which allows customers to identify the right mobile devices for their needs, choose an appropriate software platform and applications, and source the accessory packs, such as ear pieces, microphones and additional batteries etc. needed for use in the field. 


About Mobility

Emergency services will have to transition through a number of different stages in order to equip staff with devices that can access the ESN. To simplify this process and help ensure that Blue Light organisations approach this in an efficient and cost-effective manner, telent has launched its Mobility service. This service will help organisations throughout the procurement process, device roll out, then eventually through to product decommissioning and replacement.

The fact that telent is vendor agnostic, means it can showcase a number of approved devices side-by-side to help customers source the best solutions. In addition to this, telent will use the economies of scale it gets by procuring for other Blue Light organisations to deliver competitive prices. Each device will be supplied ‘officer ready’; unboxed, charged and with all the necessary applications pre- installed. Staff training about how to use the new ESN device will also be provided.

All devices supported by telent, will be maintained in-line with manufacturer warranty guidelines, equipment will also be tested and any necessary and relevant software updates pushed out and installed ‘over the air’ as they become available. This service means that emergency services can concentrate on protecting the public, while telent concentrates on providing staff with the mobile devices they need to access the ESN. 


Product features

  • Device procurement advice – telent is vendor agnostic and so can showcase a number of approved devices side-by-side and provide advice to customers to help them make the right decision about which handsets meet their requirements and budgets
  • Bulk device procurement – telent will arrange for devices to be ordered and provide end-to-end project management support
  • Device software management – devices will be supplied with an appropriate customised operating system and all applications necessary for staff to undertake their roles pre-installed. Software will be updated ‘over the air’ as new releases become available
  • Accessory specification and provision – in addition to procuring ESN handsets, telent will also make recommendations and procure accessories including cases, microphones, firearm ear pieces, covert ear pieces etc.
  • Spare device stock service – telent will hold a stock of spare devices to ensure that staff always have the communication equipment they need when devices go in for repair
  • Arranging device repairs – should faults arise on the handsets, telent will help arrange repair under the manufacturers’ warranty, including minor cosmetic repairs and screen changes where cost effective 


Benefits of telent’s service

  • Customer choice – telent offers its customers access to a range of devices from a number of manufacturers. This means that Blue Light organisations are not limited to a predefined number of products, but instead can identify devices that meet particular user needs
  • Economies of scale – the fact that telent will be supporting the procurement process for a number of emergency service customers at any one time, means that it will benefit from economies of scale and it will have a strengthened negotiating position. As a result, telent will be able to source both handsets and accessories at discounted prices and pass savings onto its Blue Light customers
  • ‘Officer ready’ handsets – telent’s staff will unbox devices and ensure that they are dispatched with the right software preloaded. telent will use its security cleared staff to undertake this time consuming and labour intensive activity. This means that devices can be quickly and efficiently distributed to staff members
  • Access to training – it is essential that staff are thoroughly trained in how to use their new ESN handset. To support the rapid roll-out of handsets, telent will facilitate ‘train the trainer’ sessions to give in-house staff the skills and knowledge needed to prepare their colleagues for accessing the 4G LTE ESN 



telent offers its Mobility service to help emergency service organisations as they transition from TETRA radio handsets to new devices that can access the ESN. Customers can relax knowing that telent is providing end-to-end project management support for the transfer between devices. It will advise the customer about which devices are the most suitable, arrange for devices to be procured, made ‘officer ready’ and will support the training of staff. This service is suitable for customers who need a one stop shop for all their mobility needs. 


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