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Command Support System Data Sheet

The types of incidents that the UK’s emergency services are responding to are becoming more extreme and complex. This creates situational awareness challenges. As a result, telent offers its Command Support System to underpin decision making at every level in the organisation. 

Traditionally, Commanders needed to meet frequently to obtain a complete common operational understanding. This was supported by paper based systems and any electronic data feeds were isolated ‘islands’ of knowledge. Emergency services are dealing with extreme circumstances and increasingly complex incidents. To support a more effective response, telent has launched its Command Support System. This is designed to improve situational awareness by allowing information to be shared at every level in the command pyramid. As a result, emergency service personnel make better decisions, decrease risk and have improved incident outcomes. 


About Command Support System

telent’s Command Support System has been designed
to help Blue Light organisations respond effectively to increasingly complex and extreme incidents. Command Support System is a software platform that improves situational awareness by collating together all data that might be relevant to an incident in one place. This supports effective decision making. The platform underpins every level in the command pyramid; at a strategic level, policy and strategy can be set at emergency operation centres; at an operational level, command units can plan and manage logistics and operations; and at a tactical level, it supports supervision and task execution using field based systems such as ruggedised tablets. 

The Command Support System keeps the area of operation in contact with local command units, who in turn can communicate with emergency operations centres who are remote from the event and can be connected via a mobile or satellite link. This allows information to be captured and shared across the command pyramid, ensuring that data from body cameras and drones, along with map visualisations, messages and CAD integrated resource information are relayed to all necessary personnel.

The Command Support System can be used to; monitor threats as part of crisis management; quickly design an appropriate response to an incident; and also allows decisions to be reviewed during a post-operation enquiry. 


Product features

  • The Command Support System gathers relevant incident data and assimilates all of these feeds into one application. The user interface provides a simple and effective situational awareness overview across one or more incidents
  • A wide array of internal and external data sources can be funnelled into the Command Support System including cameras and sensors, mapping and geospatial information, weather and environmental feeds, as well as other internal models, documents, SOPS and checklists
  • The software is tolerant of non-persistent connectivity, this means that should a member of staff lose their network connection, the situation landscape will be maintained at the point at which connectivity was lost and will be brought up to date when a connection to the network is re-established
  • Command Support System software can be integrated with other emergency services to provide a coordinated response to incidents
  • Should an enquiry take place after the operation, the Command Support System provides a thorough, tamperproof record to justify what staff knew, how they responded and when these activities happened 


Benefits of telent’s service

  • Collaborative – a common platform means that staff can maintain full situational awareness across the incident (subject to access permissions). This allows staff members at every level in the command pyramid, whether they are co-located or not, to collaborate, plan and respond to changes on the ground which supports effective decision making
  • Efficient – all information relating to the incident can be captured and shared across the command pyramid. This improves staff efficiency because they can proactively monitor and review incident data rather than having to wait for reports to be delivered
  • Clarity – the Command Support System provides a single view of an incident which leaves staff in no doubt as to what is going on, who is doing what and where they are doing it
  • CAD integration – telent’s solution integrates with multiple CAD platforms and autopopulates details of the incident. This removes the need for manual entry and decisions are communicated throughout the system
  • in real time, ensuring that staff are acting on up-to-date information
  • Data resilience – the fact that an incident’s data is replicated across all Command Support System installations incorporates data resilience. This allows operations to continue and a smooth recovery, should an equipment failure, power outage or another disruption affect part of the incident team 



telent’s Command Support System is an application that provides a single repository for all of the data feeds that need to be monitored during an incident. By ensuring situational awareness is maintained by appropriate staff members throughout the command pyramid, better decisions can be made both strategically and on the ground.

After an incident tamperproof records can be provided to justify what was known, what responses were made and when these happened. This system helps emergency services deal with the increasingly complex incidents being faced and will improve the quality of service offered to the public. 


To download a digital copy of this Data Sheet please click here.

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