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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Data Sheet

ANPR technology is used to support the security, safety and transport efficiency of citizens at a local and UK-wide level. telent can manage, design, install and maintain a full ANPR solution. 

There is increasing pressure on the UK’s Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) to detect and prevent crime. ANPR technology is a unique mass surveillance technology: approximately 9,000 cameras submit over 25 million reads daily to the National ANPR Data Centre*, which can be used to record motoring offences and to deny major criminals use of the roads. telent has managed the installation of many of these camera networks, providing turnkey solutions and end-to-end project management. As a result, LEA can focus on using ANPR data to better protect the public. 


About ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a very accurate system that reads vehicle number plates without human intervention using high speed image capture, transmitting this data instantaneously to the National ANPR Data Centre. It reads number plates on vehicles travelling at up to 100mph, and across multiple lanes of traffic.

Police forces use ANPR to ensure national security, prevent serious organised and major crime, reduce local crime
and protect communities. For Local Authorities, ANPR is a valuable tool for monitoring traffic congestion, managing traffic flows and carrying out journey time analysis. Finally,

ANPR can also be used by the private sector for purposes such as car park management. telent provides specific solutions tailored to each of these customer groups.

telent’s services cover all areas of consultation, design, implementation, maintenance and through life management. Setting up a new ANPR system is complex and involves the interplay of legal and regulatory requirements, site surveys, hardware and software interaction and third party expenses, all of which can affect both timescales and cost. With over 15 years of providing ANPR solutions, telent is fully aware of the potential project pitfalls and can navigate them successfully. 


Product features

  • An in-depth consultation will be carried out to determine the best solution design. telent works closely with its customers to assess their specific needs and provides fixed, mobile and removable solutions
  • telent will design a full solution which takes into account positioning, flexibility and cost. The most appropriate connectivity will be selected and the need for secure data transmission and site security features will be incorporated
  • Hardware will be installed by telent’s trained technicians to maximise accuracy and reliability. Cameras (standard or high definition) will be installed in patrol units and at fixed sites, and copper or fibre cabling will be laid
  • Systems will communicate directly with the Police National Computer and other local and national databases, providing instant information. Installed systems will be compatible with other third party middleware and existing equipment
  • telent will provide an accredited solution which conforms to Police Back Office (BOF) Standards and Highways England and NRTS consortia approvals
  • Ongoing maintenance contracts will provide on-demand support and minimise system downtime
  • telent will provide either a full turnkey solution or a specialist input into larger multi-contractor projects 


Benefits of telent’s service

  • Vendor agnostic – telent is one of few vendor agnostic providers in the Transport sector and recommends solutions based on its assessment of individual requirements and in-depth knowledge of product specifications. telent works closely with customers to provide the best solution for their needs from across the industry
  • Leading service provider – telent has carried out extensive motorway installations and projects for LEA, local authorities and the private sector. This gives it industry-leading expertise and ensures a high quality result for its customers
  • Traffic experience – telent has strong Road Safety credentials and is accredited for roadside installations, including gantry work. It is used to liaising with Local Authorities when implementing new systems. This means telent can avoid known pitfalls and ensure Health and Safety requirements are followed
  • Knowledge of regulations – the legalities and regulations around where to site ANPR cameras are stringent. telent fully complies with all regulation and carries out Privacy Impact Assessments where needed
  • Single point of contact – telent manages the whole project from end to end and acts as a single point of contact to simplify the process and save the customer time 



ANPR is becoming increasingly important as a means of mass surveillance. However, implementing an ANPR system is a significant and complex undertaking. With over 15 years in the field, telent’s expertise in managing and co-ordinating the multiple elements involved in consulting on, managing,

designing, installing and maintaining an ANPR system make it an obvious choice for all requirements. Using telent means customers can relax knowing that they will have a fully accredited and compliant solution, leaving them to focus on their role protecting the public. 


* National Police Chiefs’ Council http://bit.ly/2k1Bqgo 


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