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Twitraffic – using the power of Twitter to provide real time traffic information

Twitraffic, the innovative traffic app which uses real time input from road users via Twitter to give live traffic information, has launched an update to include journey planning features.

As unhappy road users are often the ones taking to social networks to report problems before the official feeds do, Twitraffic selects and applies complex algorithms to filter out and publish relevant information. Four live tweets per second are processed – a lot of people tweet about UK traffic!

“When the data is compared to the UK government’s Highways Agency data, Twitraffic reports incidents, on average, 7.1 minutes before,” says Ross Targett, who designed the app. Of 200,000 tweets processed, only 4,000 are deemed relevant enough to use.

Twitraffic combines the best features of other traffic apps available by providing:

  • Filters for incidents & road works.
  • A simple traffic summary detailing current traffic.
  • Lookup any recent tweets on a road of interest.
  • A map detailing current traffic.
  • Push notifications for roads you subscribe to. This ensures you’re alerted to traffic the moment it develops.

The new update includes a journey planning feature – you can put in start and end points, and times of travel for regular journeys, and push notifications will be sent to your device of disruptions along the way.

Available on Apple and Android app stores, Twitraffic costs just £1.49.

Download to your iOS device
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This new development in the software builds on the suite of technologies which enable their customers to offer their end users information in a variety of ways. “Our customers are always looking for innovation in the ways they can improve their end users’ customer experience”, said Chris Metcalfe, Managing Director of telent’s Technology Solutions business. “We use our engineering capability across multiple markets and technologies to come up with the best solution.” One example of this is the ‘BUStop’ app, available in the App Store, which mines information from the TFL system, Countdown and delivers bus Real Time Information for each of the 19,000 bus stops and 700 routes in London.

For more information on telent’s app development capability or how Twitraffic could be developed or personalised for your business or market please contact services@telent.com.

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