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telent supports Imperial College London’s Centre for Transport Studies

To ensure we can deliver innovative solutions to our customers, telent Technology Services Ltd engages widely with the traffic and transport communities.

telent has five years of collaboration with Professor John Polak and Dr Rajesh Krishnan from the Centre for Transport Studies (CTS) at Imperial College London in offering research projects to the Centre’s MSc students in transport. The Centre’s internationally renowned Transport MSc courses attract over fifty high calibre students from around the world each year and as part of these courses each student undertakes an individual research project, often in collaboration with industry or government.

For telent these research projects offer an ideal opportunity to test ideas and try out new ways of applying their products to deliver best value solutions to their customers. For the students there is the benefit of working on a real world problem in close collaboration with an industrial partner.

Previous projects suggested and supported by telent include MOVA coordination/linking by platoons, localised ramp metering algorithms, and methods for implementing junction performance metrics. Students are supported bytelent staff throughout the 6 month project period and may visit telent’s offices in support of their work.

A typical project will include a review of UK & international activities in related areas of traffic engineering, to shape a test scenario. This is assessed using data and facilities from telent coupled with modelling and simulation tools at CTS to test scenarios, gather data and provide conclusions. These theses provide an additional angle to telent’s innovation programmes. The students, supported by the telent team, present their work at recognised industry events, with presentations having been given at the MOVA User Group, JCT Symposium and Paramics user groups.

telent are looking forward to another year supporting the MSc projects with Imperial College with the support of Professor Polak and Dr Krishnan.

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