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Worcestershire County Council: Site evaluations for county-wide traffic signal installations

telent has undertaken traffic signal designs for the following areas: West Sussex CC, Cumbria CC, Gloucestershire CC,  Dudley MBC,  Sandwell MBC and the Isle of Man Government.

Independent Traffic Signal Evaluation programme

telent have provided Worcestershire CC with an independent review of all their traffic signal installations from an operational review standpoint.

Works Undertaken

Works undertaken include: site capacity assessments using Linsig™, on site traffic assessment during the AM and PM peaks, the provision of an up to date site drawing and a validated report giving recommendations where  required.

Programme approach

The scope of works was provided to telent by Worcestershire CC, with the structure of the report and the information to be provided known prior to the commencement of the works. A detailed programme was set out and agreed with milestones for the production of the reports and the payment details.

Work structure

Prior to the site work beginning a review of the existing information held by Worcestershire CC was undertaken, with any missing or substandard information being brought up to standard. Base drawings and traffic flow information was also provided by Worcestershire CC, if required additional traffic counts were commissioned.

The information provided by Worcestershire CC was checked against the current controller set up and timings, the site configuration was checked against the drawing and any changes noted.  Photographs were taken to highlight any site defects such as missing crossing studs or any elements of the installation that are not to current standards.

Report outcome

The site observations were used to confirm and validate the output from the Linsig™ evaluations, comments were made on the AM and PM peak traffic conditions and the observed queue lengths. The report also highlighted any recommendations such as a change in method of control or the revalidate existing SCOOT or MOVA sites.

The report also commented on the visual condition of the items listed below:

  • The signal equipment including heads, poles and push buttons
  • Tactile paving
  • Carriageway surface
  • Footway surface
  • Signing and Lining
  • Detection
  • Guard railing

The report also had information on the observed average Am and PM cycle times.

telent aims to offer local authorities the facility to commission design works in the knowledge that a dedicated and experienced engineering team will work closely with the authority to ensure that any design fully meets their requirements.

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